ANOTHER mundane, pointless thread

This morning I saw a vanity plate that said NOS4A2

That car probably doesn’t get into many accidents…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hmmm. Didn’t follow that one. It looks like a representation of “Nosferatu,” the first great Dracula prodution. Is that why you say it probably doesn’t get into many accidents, on account of the supernatural abilities of the good Count?

I don’t know much about Vampire legends, but isn’t Nosferatu more than just a Dracula movie? He was the legendary true Vampire, right? I dunno if he has anything to do with Darcula (Drakul, Vlad the Impaler, or whatever his real name was).

Oh well. Still a cool number plate.

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Dracula and Nosferatu both are based on Count Dracul, a count in Transsylvania that actually lived in the 15th century or so. And yeah, he was pretty cruel. I’ll see if I can find some link to his real life stories…


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Went to my son’s scout pack meeting. This one differed from the others in that there was a campfire. That was used for the burning of 2 faded flags.
Most of the activity was sillyness. Such as the “chubby bunny” contest.Kids stuff marshmallows in their mouth and attempyt to say the phrase. Last one standing wins. Then they spit out the mush.

The word nosferatu is a generic German term for a vampire. The 1922 German movie Nosferatu was based on Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. However the filmmaker F.W. Murnau neglected to buy the film rights to the book, so he was forced to make several changes in the film including changing the name of the vampire to Orlock. Despite this, the Stoker estate tried to have the film confiscated and destroyed. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful and this classic horror film survived. Max Schreck’s portrayal of Orlock is unforgettable.

Bram Stoker very loosely based his fictional vampire character Dracula on the historical figure Vlad (c1430-1476) who was an obscure Transylvanian noble and military leader. His father, also named Vlad, was nicknamed the Dragon (aka Dracul) and Vlad Jr was called the Little Dragon (aka Dracula). He was also called the Impaler (aka Tepes) reflecting his favorite form of torture and execution. Stoker read about Vlad while researching for his vampire novel and decided to use the character.

Sealemon88 had Nosferatu confused with Nostradamus.

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I just took my MA exams. WOO HOO!

(Now all I need to do is finish the thesis, take the PhD orals and writtens in my major and minor subjects, and write my diss, and I’ll have a nice PhD in English I can wave at all the drive-in customers. YAY!!!)

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I get them mixed up too, like Satan and Santa, hahaha.

I can’t think of any witty vanity plates I’ve seen lately, but one of the funniest I’ve seen was one that said “BUH BYE” while I was driving through LA.

other mundane and pointless news. One of my friends from art school (if you can call the Academy of Art a “school” without laughing) has met her longtime internet love, broken up his marriage and is leaving for England to start an new life with him after Thanksgiving.

Accidently let the Kirby people come give me a demo (they’re really getting sneakier) and decided, hey, I really DO need a $1800 vacuum. I was almost POSITIVE the ensuing fight with husband would end in divorce, but once he saw that I was so excited about having it that I was actually MOVING furniture to clean under and behind it, he decided he didn’t have so much to complain about.

Tried making sourdough bread with yeast of a questionable age and ended up with two foul, slimey, inedible lumps for all my days of toil. :frowning: Bah!

I thought maybe Sealemon meant that people give it a wide berth, not wanting to get too close to the vampire car :slight_smile: It might cause a few accidents though (I about drove off the rode while sounding it out :slight_smile: ).

Today I started my own webring, though I don’t know if it will actually be popular at all. It’s for websites about FSH muscular dystrophy which, while it’s one of the most common forms of MD, is still pretty rare. But if anyone here happens to have had their lives touched by this disease, and has a page dedicated to it, and have always wanted to join a webring specifically for it

OR if you’re just a smart coder who wants to tell me how I’ve messed up (I have no confidence in my non-existent abilities)

then check out my page at

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That’s right…vampire car…exactly what I meant…

Oh hell. Chalk up another blond moment for the Sealemon…

I just got back from Alberta, And I already need another vacation…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I managed to change the code in a new Sears garage door opener remote. I had to go exchange the one I bought the other day that was defective. You had to be INSIDE the garage to get that to work, even with a new battery.
Now it works, I think.

Last night I was watching Wrath of God on the History Channel. When they came back from commericial break, something didn’t quite jibe, because the voice over simply said, “God, brought to you by MCI.” He’s been bought out! Do we have to write MCI a check everytime we say His name? Will we now be seeing signs in front of churches saying, “Baptist Church of God©, a subsidiary of MCI”? The theological implications are staggering.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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The stupid Sears garage door opener does NOT work as well as the old one. My wife is likely to drive through the garage door one of these days, having gotten used to it working withone press.

Voguevixen - We had a home demo of the Kirby’s fine and highly overrated vaccuum once.( Consumer Reports didn’t rate them as high as the other Luxury Models) Only because it came with a “well clean two rooms free” pitch and our dog had puked up a lung in two rooms recently.

Only thing was was that hubby didn’t tell me he had made this appointment so about 3 minutes before the Kirby guy shows. Hubby was in the process of building a house in the feild out back and after saying hello to Mr. Kirby makes his excuses with " I gotta go, the mortar is getting hard…" The grin he shot me over his shoulder would have given me the right to castrate him with a potato peeler. I listened. I ‘ooohed’ when appropriated. I ‘tsk tsked’ at the dog hair that the Kirby picked up when my own cheaper model didn’t and I then pointed to the vomit stains upstairs for him to clean. Mr. Kirby took one look at our brand new computer (in the dog vomit room) ( that hubby’s company bought, it was the top of the line at the time.) and I think he upped his prices for the vaccuum by a couple hundred. We were true parasitic yuppies at the time. I finally got rid of this vermin by stating that we married, with 150 guests in attendance for about the cost of one of his vaccuums.

Today is the first real day of fall. It’s gray and rainy out for the first time since, oh, July :wink: I love summer, but I kind of like it like this… it makes me feel all cozy to be in a warm house watching the rain fall outside. (Except right now I’m at work with the A/C blowing down my back.)

Anyway, I’ve decided I kind of like October. Plus, I saw the NOS4A2 car again today… how Halloweeny :slight_smile:

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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Best vanity plate I ever saw was on an old, crappy truck.


I wonder what those might be?

And the classic: 3M TA3.

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Our older car stinks. It smells, but does not burn much oil. Someone suggested a leak at the exhaust manifold. Can you get carbon monoxide inside this way?