ANOTHER mundane, pointless thread

I’ve been sick as a dog all weekend and now I can’t sleep! This is terrible, I need to be up in less than four hours, but everytime I try to sleep nothing happens. I’m debating wether it would be better just not to sleep at all tonight and try and go to bed really early tomorrow.

My hubby announced that he is coming down with something. Figures, we are going away to a wedding this weekend. Everytime we go somewhere he gets sick. A friend that my son played with her daughter called to advise me that her little one’s pnuemonia has returned.

Took my son to his first water acclimation class today. About 10 other toddlers involved and three other pregnant ladies. ( I, if I do say so myself, looked the best, even in the dreaded maternity bathing suit.) My son spent the entire time acting like a european soccer player trying to draw a penalty on a whiff of a hit. ( Very dramatic for a situation that doesn’t call for it.) No crying, but when we got home, after all the rigamarole, we both took long naps. THEN went for nearly an hours walk with the dog. The dog is passed out now in my bed. Hubby is passed out now on half of my side of the bed. I’m nearly ready to pass out on the sliver left of my bed,but Honorable son numero one keeps waking up in his bed issuing protests then sputtering himself back to sleep.

In other news, I’m making my own Xmas cards.

In an hour and 15 minutes, it will be my birthday…and boy is it going to suck.

  1. My principal wanted me to go to a seminar with her today. It was a company called “curriculum advantage”. They hook up with networks on school computers and enable the teachers to have access to all different types of software through them. They keep records about how kids are doing. Sounds good, except, for what the principal wants to do, it would cost 43K.
  2. She picked me for a job, where I would be out of the classroom for a year, training teachers how to use this program if the school adopts it. I reminded her that it would cost her an additional 43K to have me out of the classroom.
  3. She still wants me to train the teachers,and she promises to “get coverage” for me when I’m out of the classroom training those teachers. In other words, I won’t get paid any extra, but I will have a lot more work dumped on me.
  4. My principal gave me a birthday gift—A big thing of chocolate pretzels and 2 pairs of white lace underwear. Now that’s just weird. I’m hoping the underwear was just in the bag that she put the chocolate pretzels in and she didn’t notice it.
  5. My daughter is sick again–so I’ll have to take another day off. (took 1/2 for the seminar)Because my worthless soon to be ex won’t watch her.
  6. I have a rabbit and a guinea pig in my classroom. Someone is complaining about the smell and the hair. Geez I’m cleaning the cages every other day. And I think the rabbit is shedding. What can I do about that?
  7. I met an attorney on line tonight. We talked on the phone. (I gave him my cell phone number.–completely out of character for me.) He’s still married. But he wants to meet me. Not only is he still married, but he’s still living with her and he told me if someone calls me tell him I was consulting with him. (Meaning if she calls,
    after seeing my number on the phone bill.) Because she is the jealous type. How depressing–is this typical of the guys that are out there? God, being alone sucks. We spoke for a long time and the battery on my phone went dead. Maybe he thinks I hung up on him. I am disheartened.

“Predictable, really I suppose. It was an act of purest optimism to have posed the question in the first place.” --John Cleese

Yeah, typical guys.

I neglected to mention that because my brother has two kids and is always asking for money and I don’t, my mother every so often lays a whompin’ big check on me to spend as I see fit. If I wasn’t leading this sort of charmed life the idea of spending on a vacuum what my husband spent on his last 3 cars would never even have crossed my mind. I consider this “found money” and use it for the occasional extravagance like a new stereo for my car or a trip to AZ to see spring training. I admire you, Shirley, for sticking up to them…they sent some little wisp of a gal to do the shampooing and I felt almost shamed into buying it, lol.

Never do an online search for “Nutcracker Suite”. You will not get anything about ballet, Tchaikovsky or Christmas.

“And comb London’s teeming millions for him? Had we but world enough and time.”
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Since yesterday, people dressed as the Grim Reaper have been randomly walking in and out of lectures, some with firecrackers, some without, to advertise for a Halloween party this weekend. Today, one of the firecrackers blew up in somebody’s hand and they closed up the classroom and there were rumors of a bomb threat and there is media everywhere.

And the worst bit is that I was supposed to have a review session in that room today for a midterm I have on Thursday. Damn, I’m pissed. I guess I pretty self-centered too. Teehee.


The only thing I had to eat all day was a big plate of Skyline…a nice 5-way. Now I have what may very well be the first case of heartburn I’ve ever had. This, combined with the fact that today was my stepfather’s 47th birthday, has combined to make me feel really really old.

This week has been good for grades. I got a 98% on a test I didn’t think I did all that well on, and an A on a paper that really wasn’t very good. Well, it was okay, but it had to be 4-5 pages and I had enough stuff to make it more like 13, but couldn’t. So it seemed very spare to me. I guess it was still good, though. I’m waiting for the English professor who’s going to figure out that I’m a fraud and I really am not nearly as good as all the others seem to think I am. I’ve only got a year left for it to happen.

I was supposed to go out with a friend of mine who I have a raging crush on, but he cancelled because he’s got a midterm tomorrow. Actually, he knew about the midterm beforehand and wanted to procrastinate, then this afternoon he realized just how much stuff he needed to study and bailed. And I was planning to make my move tonight, too. Given how many times I’ve tried, or wanted to, and had something stand in the way, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s such a good idea to go for it anyway. He is, however, damn near perfect. Someone try to convince me one way or the other, will you?

The girl I went to school with was on Sports Night again last night. She was on screen for about 10 seconds, in the last couple minutes of the show. It was right after Casey had put Dana’s panties in his pocket, and he had returned to the desk. Moments before the “show” came back from commercial break, the make-up girls came out to do touch ups, and she was the girl on the far left wearing a purple shirt. Local girl makes it big :wink:

I just wish I could remember her new name. In school she was Suzanne Palanuk, but since then she’s gotten married AND adopted a stage name. I can’t remember either her married or stage names. I think if she ever does anything on the show worth getting a credit for, her name will be Suzanne Kellogg, but I’m not sure (memory like a sieve).

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I got a phone call today from the company that I interviewed with a few weeks ago. The Army (for whom they subcontract) has approved my resume. I’ll receive the offer package within the next few day.

Mmmmmm … Skyline chili. ::drool::

Congrats, Strainger. Hope you get a nice offer!

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

My roommate called me at work this morning to tell me that she’d gotten laid last night. She was all happy and excited because she really likes this guy. All I can think is:

  • fine, rub it in. I haven’t had sex for EIGHT MONTHS! Argh.

  • why the hell are you sleeping with this guy you have a major crush on when he hasn’t said diddly squat about his feelings for you?

I’ve watched her get into bad relationships now for three years. She always gets out of them, but she never seems to apply what’s she’s experienced to the next relationship.


Because, as every good woman knows, the best way to get a guy interested in having a long and lasting relationship with you is to have sex with him! Sheesh… :wink:

(The aforementioned comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, folks. I’m not a ho, I swear.)

The friend who I have a terribly sad crush on right now has a quote on his website:

“Sex solves no problems. At best, it creates none.”

I think he came up with it himself, but I’m not sure. Either way, it makes perfect sense. It took me a very long time to learn the lesson that your friend seems to be still having trouble with. She’ll probably learn eventually, too.

the god-forsaken ‘gry’ email circulated around my office this morning. so i printed off the explanation from the SD website and passed it on. Then i got to listen ALL day to people rambling on back and forth. blahblahblah Man, you think seeing it posted here is bad enough, to actually have to listen to it all day was painful to say the least. I need a hot bath and a glass of wine…

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos

I’m writing an article on these artists:

I’m not exactly sure where my editor will post it, and it won’t be in English anyway.Neither one of us gets paid for it.He runs a bulletin board where I left my other 1000 posts.
Yes, I’ve been seeing another board before this one.But, SDMB, we can still be friends.

My son is giving a friend a birthday present. It fits in the card:11 Japanese Pokemon cards.

I get to take my son to a Halloween party, then go to another party with my daughter for an hour, bring her home, get my son from his party. She has a witch costume, I’ll have to think of something.

I was sick with pneumonia nearly two weeks ago. The doctor gave me a new 'script that I’ve never taken before; 5 day - 1 a day pill that’s suppose to continue working even after your done taking it. Guess what? I’m still coughing, chest hurts, and throat is killing me… ugh!

I think I still have endometriosis. I was operated on once for it, but they never did an exploratory to see if I had more growths elsewhere. I think I do. Yesterday I had pains so bad I couldn’t stand up; I had to spend the whole day lying on my couch. I’m not talking about cramps that a lot of women experience when they get their periods; I felt like there were sharp knives sticking every organ in my body. I still feel crappy today but the pain has subsided quite a bit. It doesn’t pay for me to go to the doctor now, because in 2 days I will be with a new insurnace company, so I will have to change doctors then too. I am just hoping that my new doctor will be better than my last one. I had endometriosis for over a year before it was properly diagnosed. I kept complaining about pain and swelling and was constantly told it was nothing, it was an inflamed lymph node, it was a sebaceous cyst, it’ll go away, put a warm compress on it. Finally I put my foot down and said, “Look, I don’t care what you keep telling me, all I know is I am in pain, and this thing keeps coming back month after month and I want you to DO something about it!” The doctors said, “Fine, if it bothers you so much we will cut it out no matter what it is,” and they referred me to a surgeon. They opened me up, and sure enough there was a chocolate cyst so big it had herniated. Anyhow…this was about 2 years ago now and my periods are still painful and (like you really want to know this) I am also having painful bowel movements, another symptom of endometriosis. I had asked about painful bowel movements before, becuase I had noticed they only come when I have my period, and again, I never got a satisfactory answer. The pains I have been having while on my period I had always, for some unkknown reason associated with intestinal gas pains, but now I am worried that it is really more endometriosis. ::sigh::

“Love given when it is inconvenient is the greatest love of all. Kindnesses that are shared at a high cost to oneself are the most dear.”

Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Moving on…

I painted a door, doing this on the removed door in the garage. I had one garage door open for ventilation. Then,when I was done, I moved the door against a wall. Then I drove the car in the garage. Some leaves had collected on the car. In the garage, all the leaves blew on the doo…no they didn’t. I swept them off before driving in.
Then I noticed the service engine light was on and also didn’t go off driving a few blocks. So it’s dumping the car at the dealer tonight. I hate bumming rides…

I came on line about an hour and a half ago just to update everyone on the scintillating details of my life and I was side tracked by several other threads.

Here are those updates you all crrrr-ave.

My son did much better this time in water acclimation class. He only tried to drink half the pool this time and did not protest like a European Soccer Player at all during the half hour lesson like last weeks class.

I ripped my right index finger knuckle open on a locker in the pool rooms locker and promptly bled all over the place until I could locate a piece of toilet paper to stop the annoying ( not even painful) gush of red stuff that I marked everything I touched.My son, by the time I finished diapering and dressing him looked like an extra from Carrie.

I’ve reopened the damn thing about 15 times today because it is impossible to get a stinking bandaid to adhere to a knuckle properly.

While on vacation over labor day visiting friends in PA, I accidently left my wrist splint ( I have tendonitis and it is worse during pregnancy) at my friends house. He finally mailed it back to me with a sticky note on it stating that he thought his dog
(a beagle. I hate beagles. Useless wastes of canine.) chewed on one of the fasteners. YES, the damn thing did. Now my good wrist brace
( and fairly expensive at $25) is useless until I can either fix the velcro fastener or buy a new one. ARGH.

In other news. My dog ( a dog that is non-beagle as can get just cause she’s smart and loveable) is snoring like a chain saw at my feet.

Oooh, it’s now offically Hubby’s birthday. He has to be up at 5am, so I better crawl off to bed so I can shove him out of bed when his air raid siren of an alarm clock goes off in a few hours.