ANOTHER mundane, pointless thread

Today I went to Borders and spent 40 bucks. I bought an address book with illustrations and quotes from the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy. It is almost too pretty to write in. I got a calendar with pictures of Chinese Art (I love picking out calendars), and a got a new horror novel. Carraba’s is right across the street, and when I was leaving Borders I was suddenly gripped by the urge to have some Chicken Bryan, so I spent another 16 bucks on dinner. This is the problem with having 4 days off in a row every week. I have nothing better to do with my time than spend my money. Money that could be more wisely used in an attempt to get myself out of debt.

“Love given when it is inconvenient is the greatest love of all. Kindnesses that are shared at a high cost to oneself are the most dear.”

Don’t know who said it, but I like it.

Somewhere up there you said “Syline”. I used to have this (chili) every friday at lunch. But I don’t actually miss it. Except for the chese.
It’s an Ohio-Greek-whatever type of chili.Not like any other chili.It’s not spicy, really.

It’s actually called Cincinnati Chili. Check the Chili and Gumbo thread for a description of exactly what’s in it. I have a decent recipe for it…

Simply trying to move this thread to the top of the list.

Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to relive it. Georges Santayana

The chili:Well, yes, I had it in Cincinnati.I used to live there. The chains go as far as Indiana, not further. Skyline and GoldStar.

The girl I went to school with was on Sports Night again last night, and this time she actually had a line! I was right when I said I thought her stage name was Suzanne Kellogg. On the show, her character’s name is Alyson.

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

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I’m going to be hanging out with Linda Rondstadt this weekend. She’s excited about meeting Nicky… she has a kid the same age.

O p a l C a t

My husband got promoted. Yay! He’s as proud as can be. At the ceremony, the corps chief of staff said some very wonderful, flattering things about my husband and made him feel about a mile high. Then he called my father on stage to pin the new rank on my husband’s hat. Very touching. I am so proud of Johnny!

Had a wonderful conversation with the boss today. He wanted to know why I paid everyone who was working last Sunday morning an hour of overtime for daylight savings time. I thought the question sort of answered itself but I explained that everyone had to work a nine-hour shift. He said he understood that but asked why we didn’t just send people home when they had worked eight hours. I explained that after working eight hours it was only six am and their reliefs wouldn’t arrive to seven am (amazingly I didn’t have to explain to him why leaving a prison unguarded for an hour was a bad idea). So then he asked why I didn’t send home anyone who didn’t have a relief. I explained that everyone on the shift was assigned to work from eleven pm to seven am and I wasn’t told to change anyone’s hours. So then he told me he wanted to look into the matter further. He told me to check the contract, our employee’s manual, all of our departmental directives (of which there are over 4000), any memos on the subject (don’t know how many of these there are, no one’s ever counted them), any laws relating to this, and find out what other prisons in our state do on this (there are over seventy prisons). He told me to check all this (along with my regular duties) and have a report ready for him to read when he came in tomorrow morning.

This morning, I was awakened by a blurb on the local news, telling me that two people were shot on my street. Mind you, my street is rather long, so the people who got shot two blocks down from me in February were probably closer, but still. One’s dead, the other is in the hospital. Neither were students, I’d imagine, as one was 25 and the other was in his 30s. They say it was most likely drug-related.

Nice way to start the morning.

And then on my way to work, I saw a license plate on a Driver’s Ed car that said “EEEK”. I think this is going to be a very strange weekend.