Another myth shattered, this time about premarital sex

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9 in 10! Mom, how COULD you? :smiley:

Quite nicely I’d suppose.

So that leaves almost everyone except MY mom. Whew. :wink:

no one wants to believe they were conceived under the words “Bark like a dog, Bitch!”

Not my mom, she was a good Catholic girl. Even after she got married she only had sex five times and I am not going to listen to anyone say otherwise! puts hands over ears La la la la la I’m not listening!

My older sister was born five months after my parents’ anniversary.

Considering I was 14 when my parents got married, and both my siblings were already born then, I know for a fact that my parents did have premarital sex.

My guess would be with 2 dudes.

Seeing as how I was born while my parents were engaged, I’m going to not be surprised to find out my mom had sex before she got married.

“Mom, where do babies come from?”

“Well sweetheart, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, mommy says the ‘safe word’ and daddy loosens the ball gag before putting his sperm in mommy and then peeing on her…”

I have never understood the obsession with imagining that ones parents are paragons of virtue and restraint. Hell, nothing makes me happier than when my mom-in law was joking with my grandmother-in-law about Viagra and she got a snappy “Your father does not NEED Viagra, thank you very much.” (spoiler: a few years later he did, but he’s 85 so he’s allowed).

I find I can freak out my friends with this sort of thing.

My parents got married when I was two. I have no trouble believing this one.

My Mom has told me that she almost flunked out of college because she and Dad were gettin’ busy. To what extent, I do not want to know… :eek:

It’s human nature. Educating ones children so they can make choices that THEY are comfortable with seems to be the key method, IMHO. YMMV. GMSMD. ( God May Strike Me Dead ). :smiley:

Cartooniverse, publicly admitting here that he had pre-marital sex but that it did not involve a ball gag.

As was I (after my parents’ anniversary, not yours).

I’m not understanding the significance of this… you mean after their wedding day, or their (first, second…) anniversary?

Well, I know mine didn’t, but they weren’t Americans at the time, and didn’t even meet until their wedding day.

To be truthful, I don’t even know if they did after - I was adopted. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure my ‘rents weren’t doin’ it before they married, because I’ve been told how miserable your wedding night will be if both partners are virgins… :wink:
(Yeah, I did it. Sue me. :wink: )

Because it requires significantly less Brain Bleach than imaging the alternative option of your parents humping like bunnies.
:eek: Gah! Where’s the Brain Bleach?

From what my mom says, she wanted to have premarital sex but my dad didn’t. Furthermore, when she emerged from the bathroom in her peignoir on their wedding night, my dad commented “what the hell is that?” and continued watching a really extended baseball game on TV. I’m sure that’s not at all related to his lifelong love of home decor magazines and more recent obsession with Ikea.

I’m lucky to have been born.

I was born five months to the day after my parents’ wedding. Either I was a 9lb. 6oz. preemie or they were being naughty!

Yup; my mother told me that when she was in college way back when, about half of her fellow females dropped out due to unplanned pregnancies.