Another N word thread.

Thanks for taking a crack at it instead of the easy target (me)

You’re welcome, but does

indicate that you are unpersuaded? The fact that there are many ethnic scholarship funds and several ethnic beauty pageants should be a pretty good indication that it is no less “socialy acceptable” for groups other than blacks to engage in those activities.

(Actually, I think that NO ONE would give you grief for starting a United White Collage fund, but you would probably find better funding if you went for multi-media, rather than limiting yourself to collages.)

For the same reason that computer programmers can call each other “geeks” or “nerds” with impunity, but if an outsider calls them “geeks” or “nerds” they take offense – because the use of the term by an outsider is seen as painting all computer programmers with the same geeky or nerdy brush.

I kept it short because I said I was “Bailing,” but now that you asked.

I think your response was excellent it kept to subject and not emotion. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head in reference to the pageants.

I am not persuaded that the media would not have a ball with me if I started a United White Collage Fund. (To me, just saying that sounds ugly) I think the response to this and the other threads on the subject demonstrate how much of a minefield it would be.

As I usually do, I will recommend that anyone actually interested in the topic of the OP read Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word. It is the best book I know of dealing specifically with this topic, tracing the origins of the word and its use through the last couple centuries, including discussion of its modern uses. It addresses, specifically, the apparent “contradiction” the OP mentions, and deals with it very even-handedly. Quite enlightening, and highly recommended.

I recommend reading this book, then the threads monstro pointed out… then come back and see if there’s much left to discuss. :slight_smile:

Well iwire, the reason posters in this thread jumped on you was because you asked a question, received an answer and then said that wasn’t the question you asked.

tom gave you the very same answer that sugaree did-- it is not socially unacceptable to have white scholarships and beauty pagents-- you gracefully accepted tom’s answer while accusing sugaree of not reading the question correctly.
Look at the non-outrage caused by Miss Italy Usa, the absolute lack of furor over Miss Irish American[sup]*[/sup], and the really-don’t-give-a-hoot attitude towards this whole bunch of Asian scholarships.

[sup]*[/sup]Warning! Really annoying midi music!


You’re funny, tom~. Even moreso when it continued the whoosh the second time around.

It was funny, but I addressed “Collage” my second post in on this thread.

Sorry no whoosh

For the life of me I can’t remember who said this, but I remember some rap star being interviewed and him being asked about the use of the word nigga by not only African Americans but also by other ethnicities. His response was that there is a difference between nigga and nigger. He said that if you listen, you will not hear people calling each other nigger, they will say nigga.

I personally find both of those words worthy of cringing when I hear them but nowadays I hear Latinos, Asians, and even Whites kids calling each other niggas.

So it was on purpose the second time? yeah, right.

“It’s ok for Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphey to say it. Why? Because we know they’re not racist… they’re niggers.” - George Carlin

Other than that I think the answers been summed up rather well.

Ok… so maybe this isn’t the best thread for my first post but with a line like that how could I resist? Of course now that I think of it with all the previous threads mentioned I’m sure someone nabbed it from me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sinful, based on your logic, there should be nothing wrong with using the word. I recommend that you commence to doing so all the time, as much as possible. Hey, if you get any trouble from anybody for it, just fire back with your well-reasoned argument, “but so-and-so said it, too!” I am sure you’ll do just fine, Danger Dan.

Me too, but I never say “African American.” My black friends call themselves, and want to be called black.

For the same reason it’s OK for me to call my friend a ‘cracka’, but it wouldn’t be cool if a black guy called him that.

I come from an odd social group where we actually compliment each other rather than insult each other. I think it could catch on. And let me tell you something; no man I ever knew called his lover a “bitch” without the relationship ending.

When I grew up in Atlanta, there were no big league teams south or west of St. Louis, but we had the Southern League (AA). Our team was the: Atlanta Crackers a farm team of the **Boston Braves **. For that reason, I have trouble taking the term as offensive, but recognize it as such when it is used that way.


A descriptive term for what? What name do you feel compelled to use in describing Timothy McVeigh and that white lady who killed her five kids? Does “nigger” readily come to mind?

by Virgowitch:

Do these “friends” know that you use the word nigger? Maybe you should inform them of this, just in case they don’t know. It may be the impetus for a very interesting discussion.

>Do these “friends” know that you use the word nigger?<

They use it more than I do.

But do they know that you use it?

They are black people who know what a nigger is and avoid them the way a regular gay man might avoid a flaming queen. Why? Because they don’t like to associate with vulgar caricatures.:cool: