Another name that obscure SF movie

Browsing through the “wierdest” movies thread, I thought of one that would be a good contribution except I have no idea what it was. I saw it on TV one afternoon some time in the early 80s.

I only watched the last 20 minutes or so. A young British scientist is somehow displaced in an alternate universe, or multiple alternate universes. His nemesis, somehow, is a (bearded?) professor who seems to be a kind of mentor to him, and might be controlling their shifts between universes.

I remember that in one universe, everybody’s skin was very gray.

The young scientist had a wife or girlfriend who is black, only he repeatedly refers to her as “brown”. He’s lost her as he’s shifted between universes, and now inhabits a timeline where they never met. The professor assures him something like “she’s out there somewhere”. Young scientist also has a dream sequence where wakes up in bed with his wife, and he exclaims, “you’re brown!” (apparently expecting gray instead). The wife is amused and retorts that this model only comes in this color, thank you.

The climax of the movie is when the young scientist goes into something like an old junk store and finds a record player, on which starts playing a 45 of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends” This leads him to have some kind of confrontation with the professor in a weird psychidelic tunnel reminiscent of the opening of the 70s Doctor Who.

After this showdown, he wakes up in the same junk shop but shifted to our own reality. A disembodied voice, maybe a machine, tells him “you’ve done very well”. We somehow find out that the professor has become a mute vegetable in a wheelchair.

The movie ends with the guy running into the woman that would/should have been his wife in an alternate timeline. She doesn’t know him, but they start chatting and it seems that he has a chance to start a relationship wth her “again”.

Is that weird, or what? Anybody ever seen this movie, or was it something I dreamed?

In the early '80s television movie adaptation of LeGuin’s Lathe of Heaven the controlling professor used the protagonist’s reality-altering power to eliminate racial prejudice by making everyone the same shade of gray. The rest of your description does not match my memories, though.

The Lathe of Heaven.

Wow. Something that’s nagged me every once in a while for the better part of 25 years, answered within 10 minutes on the Internet. What a wondrous time we live in.

Not only that, I can watch it, too.

Would just like to chime in with a little discussion on the phrase.