Another newbie WoW question

I am working on levelling my hunter today and he has a polar bear companion/pet. I have thought about getting a different pet, but do I have to abandon the polar bear first? (I know he’s just a computer sprite, but it kinda makes me feel bad). Is there a kennel or something I can leave him in and go get a different animal?

There are Stable Masters in many places. The stable master is an NPC you right-click to open up the pet stable options. For a small fee you can store up to two pets and use a third. I believe it’s 5 silver for the first slot and 1 gold for the second.

List of stable masters (Horde and Alliance) with name and location.

Just remember, when you stable a pet, it doesn’t level. You could find one day that you’re level 52 and your long forgotten pet is only level 8. If you want to now level him, you have to fight high-level mobs with a noobie pet.

ETA: According to Wow Wikki, there are now 4 stable slots at 5S, 5G, 50G, 150G.

Given we’re talking WoW newbie, and polar bears aren’t to be found outside of Northrend, perhaps he is referring to the polar bear cub awarded to people for WoW’s fourth anniversary…?

There are TWO kinds of pets in WoW - hunter pets (warlock demons are similar enough to lump with them) and “companion” or vanity pets. Hunter pets can be stored in stables. Warlock minions can be dismissed and resummoned. Companion pets are now like warlock minions, in that you “learn” a “summons” for them, after which they can be recalled by clicking on them in the “pets” tab.

You access your pets tab by first either pressing “C” or the little face icon in the bar on the bottom right of your screen. On the bottom of the pop-up window is a tab for pets and mounts. Click on that, choose “pets” (if it doesn’t come up as that to begin with), choose your desired pet, then click on “summon”. You can also drag the pet icon down to your “hot keys” if you want.

There are two polar bears, or white bears, found just outside of Ironforge. I know because one of them has been my pet since the beginning.

Check out…find what you want to tame before stabling your pet. It’s ok if the pet is much lower than you…because it will tame at 5 levels below your level.

By the way…if you’re speced at Beast Master…I prefer the bear anyway…the only other pet I’ve found that works great with that spec is a boar.

Good Luck

As of one of the fairly recent patches (can’t remember which one now), this isn’t quite the case anymore. Although the pet doesn’t gain any levels while stabled, when you next get the pet out of the stable, it is automatically leveled to 5 levels (I think) below your own. So if you are level 52 for example, your level 8 pet would automatically become level 47.

It’s the same for any combat pet you tame. So at lvl 80, you can go to a starting area, tame a level 5 creature, and it is automatically level 75.

Yeah, i say polar bear because it looks like one. But it was a white bear my dwarf got outside of ironforge.

Its good to know that they lvl 5 levels below. I kinda thought that when my new raptor pet who was lvl 23 when i tamed him was all of a sudden lvl 28.

i can’t go to northrend until xmas when i get WotLK. (its all i asked the wife for, if she once again doesn’t get me the one thing I asked for I’ll just download it. )

I want to work on my characters skill this week. I think it will be easier to make some gp by selling items.

The way to make money is to have at least one gathering profession…mining, herbalism, or skinning. You sell the raw materials on the auction house…whether ore, herbs, or skins. Some people take two of those three, and do not take one of the crating skills, to maximize income. Later, at high level, it is easier to drop a gathering proffession for a crafting one…and level it up quickly.

You can also make decent coin selling cloth drops at auction. Search to see how much the going rate is, undercut it so your stuff will be first on the list and sure to sell.

Sweet. Good to know. Thanks.

It took me a bit before I learned this. Crafting does not earn you income at the low levels. There are a few recipes that may be profitable, but on the whole it is vastly better to gather and sell than to craft when you’re going up through the levels. I was killing myself mining and blacksmithing, turning out complete junk. Finally I gave up and started selling the ore straight, and suddenly I’m swimming in gold. I still work Mining up, and when I’m up a few more levels it won’t be much work to boost Blacksmithing up to where it actually produces worthwhile stuff.

I find Jewelcrafting to be fairly profitable, but again you’re usually better off selling the ore instead of the jewelry.

Two gathering professions (usually Skinning plus Herbalism or Mining) will net you solid income, and you should have 40 gold well before level 30.

I noticed this in the auction house yesterday. I was looking at items I had or could create to see if it was worth putting them up for auction. I need some gold to buy a mount for a character that is closing on lvl 30.

Copper rods. The thing you need to make runed copper rods if you’re an enchanter. On sale in the auction house for 8 to 10 gold pieces! But I found them on sale by a vendor in Southshore for little more than 1 freaking silver piece!Do people really pay that much in the AH for something that is in reality that cheap? (I hope so…noticing the price difference I brought a bunch then put them up for auction for 7 gp).

I’ve got to see if my characters with the right skills can make bronze tubes. I can never find one in Darkshire for the Look to the stars quest. If I can make a few I can probably sell them for a good profit.

Here’s the problem with the auction house, and I consider it a big problem: the AH only tells you what items people are listing for sale, and nothing about who’s buying. What you could be seeing with the Copper Rods is some schmuck who thinks he can bilk other schmucks into paying a 10000% markup on an item, but in reality nobody’s actually buying them. There’s no real way of knowing how large the demand is for a particular item; all you can do is list it at what you think is a reasonable price and hope it sells.

The consignment house on City of Heroes is vastly superior in design, if not in execution, IMO, and that’s because of two pieces of info it gives you that the WoW AH doesn’t: how much the last X items sold for and when. CoH lists the last 5 items, which isn’t much but is enough to give you a clear picture of how quickly the item moves. Plus CoH has the ability to place bids on unavailable items, which is another way to gauge demand.

Do you have Mining? Right now it sounds like you have Engineering, if you think you can make bronze tubes, so Mining would be a good complement. Mining is an incredible money maker. On my server (Thorium Brotherhood) stacks of 20 tin ore are going for 10 gold right now, and tin is nothing to collect at level 30. Silver ore goes for 5 gold each. I’ve got 80 gold sitting on my level 30, and that’s after buying his mount.

ETA: Copper’s not nothing either, since you can find so much of it while looking for tin.

Heh. Funny, this was one of the complaints about EQ2. Nice to see that WoW “solved” it. :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

The economy in WoW could be so much better, simply by doing one of more of the following:

  1. Cut professions back to one per character.
  2. Separate professions out to a higher degree of specialization. For example, currently Mining allows you to extract ore from veins and smelt it into bars. Instead, separate those two into a Mining and a Smelting profession.
  3. Change quest rewards so items are not as good as what crafters can make, or give out only money instead and make everyone buy their gear from crafters.

Economy thrives on scarcity. Make it harder for one character to be self-sufficient and the economy will become more robust.

That character has mining as well as engineering. I didn’t know tin sold for so much. I have 20 pieces of ore in that character’s inventory right now. Guess I should sell it.

By the same token that some one probably will pay so much for a copper rod, why would anyone pay so much for tin ore? If you need the ore and don’t have mining you can always roll another toon, level it up just enough to be able to get the right skill level in mining and get your own ore.

Couple reasons:

Mining, like so many other professions, gets very useful at the higher levels, when you can make some very rare metals (sort of like copper + tin = bronze, just…rarer). So it’s worthwhile to a vet to have Mining, but they don’t want to waste all that time hunting the ore. Instead you buy the ore and smelt it, which kicks Mining up. When you have more money than time, this is a viable option.

Second, Jewelcrafters can Prospect gems out of ore. Every 5 pieces of ore will give 1-3 gems. It has to be unrefined ore; bars are no good for getting gems out. Also, Jewelcrafting uses as much metal as gems, so there’s extra demand there.

Wow…you guys are on the money. I made at least 20 to 25 gp by selling ore and a vew bronze tubes in the last few hours. That solves a lot of my problems right there…now I know how to make some cash in game! Thanks!

Glad to help!

You did. I had to “borrow” a few gp from other characters but I gotmy gnoe rogue his mount which was my self imposed goal for the day. I went to kill Morbent Fel and actaully did so, but i don’t think the quest is done. Its still in my quest log…I don’t remember ho to turn it in to. I’ll have to check WoW Wiki to make sure. But I attacked him once and was killed…rezzed and went back and succeeded in killinmg him. Got to research that. I don’t want to spend too much time finishing the quest since I can obviously make a few coins with this character to help soe of my poorer ones.

One question…I used to know it, but have forgotten. How do I continuosly move without holding down the “w” key?

I think the default key is Q. If you want to check, go to Key Bindings in the Options menu and look for Toggle Autorun. It should be in the first section of the bindings.

Your quest log will tell you where to turn in the quest. Alternatively, if you happen to wander near the quest giver, he’ll have a yellow ? over his head.