Another old movie

I have another movie I was trying to find. I could swear the name was “taming of the shrew” This was not a shakespear version. Script involved an overly controlling wife and a co-dependent husband who was a theatre or movie director. Great movie, most likley from mid forties to early fifties

Were there Nazis? It could be 1942’s To Be or Not To Be.

Thanks but that wasn’t it. My movie is more focused on a director not being able to use his creative genius because of his wife. He finaly breaks free and becomes a success.

Are you thinking about Kiss Me Kate?

No, they are a middle aged couple, his wife is more of a stay at home type. I have seen it play twice now on classics. I was much younger when I saw it and now that I am older I see more of a comparison to my own life and would like to see it again.

One that’s pretty old is It’s Love I’m After. The lead recites lines from Shrew and other Shakespeare plays in the movie.

Another old one reputed to be an adaptation of Shrew is You Made Me Love You.

I think you may mean “The Shrike” with June Allyson and Jose Ferrer.

If you find it online, please let me know. It’s been on “my list” for ages. :slight_smile: