Another one for the smokers

Hello to all yall smokers out there.

I want to ask, what is your favorite brand of ciggarette? why is it your fav. brand?

Mine is Malboro red, in the box.

Also a big fan of Levi Garret Chew.

I once lived with a gentleman who smoked unfiltered Camels, “because I want it to HURT when I smoke!”

Yep, I had a Toolpusher that did too. Had a big 'ol circular patch of sooty yellow between his second and third finger.

I smoked Camel Lights for a number of years. Sorry but I’m really glad those days are past.

::Marlboro Lights…unless I run out when i’m with a group of friends, then I usually bum off them (we bum off each other all the time), so I smoke Marlboro Reds

I’ve been smoking Newports since high school. First it was the regular Newports in the box. If I couldn’t get those, I’d smoke Salems.

An ex-boyfriend’s brother turned me onto Newport Lights about 10 years ago. Over time I switched to Newport Lights 100s because I noticed that I smoke fewer 100s than the regular kind…

If I can’t get the 100s, I’ll get the regular Lights. I gag on the regular Newports now. And if I HAVE to smoke non-menthol, I’ll just take a couple of drags and let the rest of it burn down because I can’t stand the taste!

Here’s another vote for non-filters. Pack-and-a-half a day. I like being punched in the chest. I buy whatever’s cheapest at the moment.
I’ve been smoking for 30 years (except for a 3-year respite)
…and I’ve decided it’s time to quit. For good, I hope.
It won’t be easy: I adore tobacco, accursed slavedriver though it is.
Thanksgiving Day. I’ll let you know how it goes.


No no no! Don’t pick Thanksgiving! The food, the family- a disaster for the newly nicotine-free.

I know, I quit the night before Thanksgiving nine years ago this year, and it SUCKED.

My brother smokes Natural American Spirit and loves them. Sky-blue box, native American with a pipe on the box.

I smoke Marlboro Ultra Lights. I went from Reds to Lights to Ultra Lights. I like the regular length, I don’t like 100s. They seem too girly, or something.


Marlboro Light- In the the box, of course.

Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons!
~Only 17 1/2 hours until I am Hanging with Better Than Ezra!

Marlboro Ultra Light 100’s in the box. Unless I have to pay more than $4 a pack, then it’s Basic Light 100’s in the box. They have to be box and Basic Ultra’s don’t come in a box.

Basic’s are made from the tobacco that didn’t make the cut for the Marlboro’s. I call them a poor man’s Marlboro.:smiley:

Reason: Dunno. (Other than a buddy of mine drove for Players Racing)

Did the boyfriend turn you on to anything?

OUTLAW cigars