Tell me about your cigarettes.

What brand do you smoke? Why do you like them? Describe the taste highlights of the smoke. What other cigarettes have you tried? Do you like menthol favor? When does a cigarette taste best?

In the 40’s-60’s some cigarettes were ranked as premium brands due to the cost of the tobacco. Do premium brands taste better?

Hmm, strange thread, but I will give it a shot.

As a general rule, I smoke Camel Lights. This is becasue…it is what I have always smoked. I suspect that this will be the answer to the “why that brand” question for most people. I have tried other brands and liked them too, and other brands that I hated. Malboro’s of any ilk actually make me nauseous. There are some I actually like a lot better than Camels, but are difficult to find or very expensive, and at this point I am an addict so cheep and readily available is somewhat important. Dunhills (one of those premium brands you mention) really are a better cigarette, but way too expensive for me.

The best cigarette is probably right after a big meal in the evening, or in the mid morning on a weekend with a cup of coffee. Honestly, when smoking is good it’s fantastic, but it is only good about 10% of the time. I also smoke pipes and cigars which are fantastic much more frequently, but are less satisfying on the whole in some ways that I can’t quite describe. If I could get by on just them I wouldn’t smoke cigarettes at all anymore. I am working on it.

I could go into flavor stuff, but I am not sure how to describe it without using “tobacco” as a flavor touchstone. It would sort of be like describing the flavor of a whiskey or beer without having a common touchstone experience. There are flavors in a good whiskey I could describe that you would recognize, but you wouldn’t really understand the flavor unless you have at least an understanding of what alcohol tastes like. Same thing with tobacco.

I like Camel Wides the most.

I’ve also tasted Malboro’s of all kind.

I’ve also tasted Parliaments and Lucky Strikes.

Newports are also pretty bad.

I’d say the one I least like are Parliaments.

I’m interested in trying the premium tobacco brands, I want to verify if they indeed are made of better quality than other cigarettes. I would’nt be suprised. Much of the stuff in cigarettes isn’t even tobacco.

Kinda a dumb question but, is there any way, besides inhaling more smoke or buying cigarettes with more nicotine in them, to get a stronger nicotine buzz?

Its the nicotine buzz that I like, the smoke in and of itself I only enjoy occasionally.

My Cigarettes…My precious… :stuck_out_tongue: I smoke marlboro 100’s just because i always have.

Chewing tobacco, I’ve found, gives an intense, nearly unpleasant (for me) nicotine buzz. Then again I despise chewing tobacco anyway.

I’m not sure whether I’m some freak of nature resistant to nicotine addiction or not, but I’m a completely social, if rather frequent, smoker. My roommate has a pack-a-day habit and I’ll often share one with him - I’m not above blowing through a pack in one night at a bar. Never do I crave them, however, and I’ll often go from multiple cigarettes a day to smokeless for weeks without any discernible craving.

The taste of tobacco is interesting. I suppose the best way to describe it would be earthy and acrid, with a strong, pervasive, toasty overtone. To be, the taste is very one-note but I’m sure others will disagree, as smoking is mostly an enjoyable oral experience for me.

I primarily smoke Parliament Lights since that’s what I frequently bum from my roommate. I do enjoy methols, however - Marlboro Smooths are nice, if a bit strong. Cloves I could take or leave - I find I’ve lost my taste for them almost entirely. Camels are almost completely unpalatable. Much like wine, there are nearly ethereal differences between the brands that are profound but difficult to quantify. Ultra-lights, conversely, I despise. Foul-tasting air with none of the lung-aching satisfaction of a proper drag.

Alcohol and coffee are both prime cigarette-enjoying moments. A post-coital puff is stereotypical but also nice, if you’re not breathing too hard.

“Premium” brands are far superior smoking, in my experience, and well worth the cost for somebody like me. Natural Shermans are a favorite of mine.

i like gpc light 100s. i don’t think they are considered a premium brand, though. in a pinch, i’ve smoked marlboro lights, which to me are indistinguishable from the gpcs. (and pricier).

I smoke Marlboro menthol lights.

Used to smoke Camel Turkish Jade lights but they quit making them. I’m not happy. I started on the Marlboros, got tired of them and went to the Camels. To me the Marlboro menthol light and Camel Turkish Jade light are the “smoothest” light methol smokes, which is why I didn’t go to Camel menthol lights. Too harsh for me.

So yes, I like menthol flavor. It’s what I started on and I think regular flavor are nasty. Dry out my mouth, taste like burning kinda.

I’ve smoked a lot of kinds. Most types of Marlboros and Camels, Newports (horrible), USA Gold (nasty), Kools (gross), Capris (awesome for their weird size), Parliaments (pretty gross, weird filter though). When we were under 18 we’d smoke whatever we could get and I usually try the new menthol-like flavors like all those new Marlboros and Camels in the cool looking packs. They are all gross so far.

I do often notice a difference between brands like Marlboro and Camel and the “cheap” brands. Cheap brands to me often taste a little funkier and harsher, but it could just be that my “snobbishness” is affecting my judgment there. I bought a pack of menthol Checkers on my 18th birthday because I thought the package was cute. I had been smoking for a year and a half at this point. So nasty I threw the other 19 cigarettes and the pack out the window. That’s like a $1 pack of smokes when “good” kinds are still a bit under $4.

I occasionally steal one of my husband’s Marlboro Lights. They taste…well…yucky. I smoke them because they’re in the house. Sometimes I smoke them because he lights one up and I think, “Hey, that’s a good idea!”

And then I realize that it’s NOT a good idea. I have no tolerance for them, no nicotine receptors, so they make me feel sorta ‘high’ for a few minutes. Buzzed. Then, if it’s too close to bedtime, I can’t go to sleep.

In addition to that pleasantness, Three days later, I’m still trying to get the taste out of my mouth. I think I do this because I can’t eat sugar in any real quantity and can no longer drink alcohol and I’m reaching for something, ANYthing to be my vice.

I also think I might be a little like the fish in a bowl: Oh look, a plastic castle! Oh look, a plastic castle! I quickly forget that they’re disgusting and want the three minute ‘high.’

I’m an idiot. But yeah, Marlboro Lights.

Nicotine gum. Also good if you’re trying to quit. (Like me.)

I’m a Benson & Hedges Gold kinda girl. They’re never on sale and I never get coupons for them. I smoke them because my ex didn’t like the smell of Marlboros and I didn’t like the taste of Merit after a while. So B&H Gold it is. Accept no substitutes.
I’ll occasionally choke down the spousal unit’s Winstons, but that is usually not my best smoking day.

Marlboro Light 100’s, switched over from various Winstons. But they have to be 100’s – a regular Marlboro Light is too strong. They have a light taste – just enough so I know I’m smoking something. Other brands taste heavy or sweet, or just harsh. It feels like my tongue’s being coated. Which it probably is, but I don’t notice it so much with the Light 100’s.

The best one is the first one in the morning, with my Pepsi. The only time I smoke is when I’m in the basement on the PC, or in the car, but I still manage a pack a day.

Whatever’s buy one get one get’s my first nod, other than that I smoke Camel Wides or Marlboro Reds. They taste like shit, but it’s the heat hitting on the back of my throat that I love so much, and lights can’t do that the same. Menthols were a phase in my life (Kools were good, but then they fucked them all up) and cigarettes are best after a shot and a beer.

I’ve had premium smokes before, but they’re just too mild. I need that cowboy gamma ray shot in the throat of super heated smoke to really fix my jones.

Winston lights. They have to be king size, I am too impatient to smoke 100’s and they have to be in a box or else they’ll get smashed in my pocket (or more likely in my sleeve).

I started on Camels during the whole Joe Camel ad campaign; at first I would just give them away and keep the loot but then it got to be about the Camel Cash and nobody wanted the smokes after I took the coupon out so I had a whole lot of packs of cigarettes sitting around.

Around the time Big Tobacco was being forced to reveal what was in their blends I switched to Additive Free Winstons (although sometimes I think the Winston people have a very loose definition of Additives).

The flavor is kind of earthy and smoky with a slight walnut note. The really fresh ones have an almost grassy upper note and the walnut lower note surrounding the earthy mid tones. Stale they are just earthy with almost a little musty flavor like a damp basement.

When I smoked Camels (and been around Marlboros) sometimes there is a bit of a cannabis aroma and flavor but this varies from pack to pack. Mostly in Camels I get everything the Winstons have to offer plus the darker honey/molasses flavor of the blend. With Marlboros I can taste the sugar (definitely sugar and not molasses) and a bit of the cinnamon but mostly they taste dry to me, like burning paper.

In the end it’s all about the fix. I’ve had some mighty fine cigars with a huge spectrum of flavors and emotions but always come back to the Winstons to feed my back monkey. I’d say I average about a pack a day, sometimes it’s a lot less than a pack, sometimes it’s almost two packs so it depends on how bored or stressed or needey I am.

I quit 2 months ago, but it was Marlboro Lights. I would sometimes roll my own Drum if I was tight on cash or just wanted something different.

Many years ago, I was trying some other brands. A friend asked me why I had three different brands of cigarettes and I explained to him that I was trying to find the perfect cigarette. What he said has always stuck with me “There’s no perfect cigarette, only your cigarette”

BTW Marlboro Reds. I love’em. The downside of them is, with alot of other brands I can hardly taste them, the upside is, few people will bum them from you since they don’t like them or their to strong for their taste.

I smoke Player’s Extra Light King size and nothing else because, as someone mentioned above, that’s just what I’ve always smoked.

A smoke is best after a big supper meal, or with a coffee. Actually, those are about the only two cigarettes per day I truly enjoy. The rest are to feed the addiction and I spend a lot of time thinking about how this is killing me while I smoke them or how much my throat hurts if I’ve smoked too much that day. But those two good smokes, they’re great.

As a side question to the Americans…do Canadian cigarettes smell as terrible to you as American ones do to the Canadians I’ve ever discussed this with? It was always such a heavier smell, if that makes any sense.

I smoked for 26 years (switched to nicotine gum 2 years ago - now I’m getting nagged for that) and it was always Camel Special Lights, softpack. I tried other brands on occasion and in a pinch would smoke OP’s (other people’s) without hesitation. But even standard Camel Lights didn’t taste as good as the Special Lights, so I stuck with them to the end.

I tried a number of the premium brands here and there and my far and away favorite “indulgence” were the Dunhill Milds. They seemed to have the best flavor, Which likely means that they tasted the most like my regular brand.

Now, after two years, on the extremely rare occasion that I bum a smoke from someone, I find them to be most unsatisfying. I don’t feel any rush from them, and I really hate the aftertaste and the smell of stale smoke on my clothes. Of course, I am fully aware that if I didn’t have the gum, I would quickly manage to get over the feelings of repulsion and be a pack and a half a day smoker again in a depressingly short amont of time

You should try Copenhagen smokeless tobacco, also known as snuff of snuss or chew although it is not to be confused with actual chewing tobacco.

Copenhagen will knock your socks off. It smells like coffee grounds soaked in motor oil and left to fester. If you can stand it, grab a wad and place it between your gums and lips. It’s super-gross but you’ll get pretty high for about 10 minutes.

Indian bag smokes , 200 in a ziploc for a really indecent price :slight_smile: