Another one (potentially) bites the dust--Justin Trudeau sexual allegations

Have any of our Canadian members heard this yet?

The idea that the Prime Minister of Canada could “bite the dust” because of an unproven allegation of groping from 20 years ago, is nothing but a spiteful anti-Canadian fantasy.

Wow. Twenty years ago. What was he? 15?? Please.

  1. And if current standard are applied he is out. An allegation is as good as a conviction.

Are we talking about the guy with the fake eyebrows?

An unsigned editorial? From 20 yrs ago?

You must be joking, right?

He should be burnt at the stake! If the flames don’t harm him, it’s proof that he’s a molesterist and then he can be beheaded, if the flames killed him, at least he died doing what he loved best…burning in agony.

Can you explain Trump then?

Unless someone comes forward, the female reporter in this case does not want to be named or discuss it, this can’t go anywhere. I’ll point out that the publisher of the community paper believes the reporter but is quoted in the CBC article on it as saying “I would not classify it or qualify it as sexual assault.” so I’m not really sure what actually happened.

“I don’t remember any negative interactions that day at all” is an odd phrase and open to multiple interpretations.
(Unlike “I didn’t do it.”, which is pretty clear.)

It happened, but he doesn’t remember it?
It happened but it wasn’t a negative interaction. (The boob-grabber and the grabee just might have different views on that.)
It didn’t happen. The author of the editorial is a lier.

None of those interpretations reflect well on Trudeau.


18 years ago??

I read quite a bit on it - the issue here is that the PM himself took a very hardline approach to other politicos that were accused. It remains to be seen what comes of this, if anything.

I don’t think you can just brush it off just because it’s an old accusation. However, the accusation is very undetailed and the accuser doesn’t seem to want to pursue it in any way so unless a bunch of other people come forward, I’m comfortable not giving the story much headspace.

By current standards, that’s not true at all. You hadn’t heard of the Steve Paikin case?

Vice-President Pence wishes this were true but, alas, you’re dealing in fantasies.

The normal rules don’t apply to him. I am not certain that the laws of physics do.:frowning:

Canada is too bland to stir up feelings of hatred.

Apparently some people on this board have never heard of Garrison Keillor, who was fired because of a single accusation.

There are other examples here.

And here is fallout from a single, 16-year-old accusation.

Bullshit. On both points. Canada isn’t bland, and there’s currently more anti-Canadian sentiment in America than there has been for centuries - spurred on by Trump and his supporters.

Speaking of which, I find it … interesting … that this accusation is being dredged out of the memory hole just when Trudeau is fighting back in Trump’s trade war.