Another One Waiting At the Rainbow Bridge

My old girl Fancy , 10 year old Gordon Setter was off her food yesterday , and vomited once . I took her to the vet today , fully expecting to get something for her tummy and a refill on her deramaxx . But when they took her temp , she was running a 105 fever , and he palpated her abdomen , and found a tennis ball sized mass .

X rays showed a tumor , with her bowels wrapped around it . She had X rays done on New Year’s Eve , and there was nothing there , so it was fast growing , very aggressive . He said she most likely wouldn’t have survived surgery

My baby girl went off to join my others already waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge . I held her in my arms and told her how much I love her as she was euthanized .

Damn this is hard .

I never , ever expected to come home without her . I feel so lost . For 10 years , she has been my best friend , my partner in crime . We did the dog show thing together , we traveled together , we hung out on the couch eating popcorn together . She helped me raise all the dogs that came after her .

Fancy never met a living soul she did not love . Even today , in the waiting room , in pain as she was , she considered it her duty to greet everyone . There was a little 3 year old girl that kept coming across the room to give her hugs , which Fancy relished . She nuzzled 2 tiny kittens through their crate . Fancy loved everyone equally .

I am empty , I am heartsick . She was my Special Girl . When she was diagnosed with vitalago at age 3 , causing her to get odd , swirled white hair on her face , my vet’s explanation was that she ‘was the Setter so sweet God sprinkled her with sugar’ . He didn’t get to say good-bye to her , he was on vacation this week , so one of the other vets there had to do it . Doc will miss her too , she was his favorite of my dogs .

I love you Fancy . Mama misses you already .

I’m so sorry for you and your beautiful girl! My heart goes out to you, as I know the kind of loss you are feeling. There is nothing I can say that will make you feel any better. Just know you and Fancy are in my thoughts.

I’m so sorry. She was beautiful. We lost our Best Dog Miss Emily about as quickly too; she was also old (11-1/2) but it was still very sudden and unexpected. I cried for days.

Good night, Miss Fancy. Peace to you and the people who loved you.

I’m sorry.

My thoughts (and tears) are with you.

My condolences. :frowning:

I had to have my beloved Dottie put to sleep last year, I put a memorial at Puppy Dog Heaven.

Please accept my heartfelt prayers for you and your beloved Fancy. In the last couple of years, we’ve lost our 15 year old cat and 16+ year old labrador and I still miss them.

I hope Fancy visits you in your dreams often :slight_smile: Junior the Wonderdog often pops up in mine and I take great comfort in his return to painfree joy.

My condolences.


Oh my. I have a beloved Dottie who was born 2/24/2002. How sad to learn of someone who has already lost theirs. My condolences to you as well. I will give my Dottie-dog an extra hug tonight in honor of yours.

Awww…I’m so sorry. I’ve had to lose the sweetest cats ever on more than one occasion. Your post made me cry.




I’m so sorry for your loss. You two will be in my thoughts.

I’m sorry.

There aren’t words enough to express the sorrow of loosing a family member like Fancy…

I’m sure she’ll be there to greet you someday, waiting patiently at the head of the pack.

I’m so sorry, too.

It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful life together.

She sounds like she was a very good dog, and you don’t get that good of a dog without being a good owner. I’m sure you made her very happy while she was with you.

So sorry for your loss - she’s indeed a lovely dog.

I have a book of James Herriott’s Dog Stories, and I remembered one story where he was treating a dog owned by an elderly woman who was herself dying. She confided to the vet that she had heard that animals don’t go to heaven and she was terrified to die in case her beloved pets wouldn’t be there in the afterlife. Herriott assured her that wherever we’re going, he was sure they were going too.

I have no doubt that he was right.

So {{{HUGS}}} to you, and know that she’s safe, happy and watching over you.

PapSett - {{{hugs}}} I have tears for you right now, but not for Fancy, who lived and loved you to the end. You know, I always say the feeling of pain and loss at the end is so worth it, because it’s just a reflection of the love we got while they were alive. It’s the coin we pay for that love, but we are richer for it.

By the way, my dog Wolf is doing just fine, and I ended up adopting the dog from the pound that looks like a miniature (doberman-sized) Irish wolfhound and naming her Fiona.


I want to thank all of you for your words . They do help , more than you know . I am still having a hard time comprehending this . It was just too damned sudden .


I am so sorry. She was gorgeous. I hope she visits you in your dreams. She’ll be with you always, anyway. :frowning:

I’m really sorry for your loss.

I’m really sorry. The suddenness of it all must be so tough. I get scared every time I take one of my kitties to the vet that something like that could happen. It’s just so sad.