Another PETA rant

At first I thought this story was a parody:

Now they’re lambasting Obama for killing a fly. Don’t they realize these things are disease spreading pests.
I’m just pissed that while groups like SPCA and the Humane Society work their asses off on a local level rescuing abused and abandoned animals, attention whores like PETA are the ones making headlines and quite possibly eroding support for other animal rights organizations.

Just when I thought PETA couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

What would they say about fleas and Bubonic plague?



More ridiculous than the Sea Kittens, but less funny.

P.S. The smacky smiley? He’s squishing a fly that landed on his forehead.


Viva la [del]revolución[/del] mouche!

Humans are evil so… Yay?

Yeah, I saw this on CNN. PETA has lost what little credibility it ever had.

Establishing a mosquito farm next to their hq might do the trick.

Maybe they’re trying to be Jainists? No, wait, that would mean they have to value human life above all others and not want to harm or upset anyone. Big fail, there.

Thankfully I think most people have more sense than that. Locally our Humane Society hosts an annual pet walk where thousands of people show up and thousands of dollars are raised (8,000 people raised over $1 million this year).
I don’t know of a single soul who has given a dime to PETA.

When did they have a little credibility? :dubious:

So… they did something that Stephen Colbert did as joke last night, only for real?

I hope it wasn’tZobi!

I was being *very *generous.

After watching about 20 seconds of that, I feel confident in saying that I would not mind one bit if Obama smacked that guy to the floor.

You need to give it a little more time. They can be quite entertaining.

PETA is already a joke, it’s just not as funny as Colbert.

Yup. like this great idea has a chance to succeeed…