Another PETA rant

That does make me wonder though, WHERE does PETA get its money? As you mentioned organizations like the Humane Society and SPCA have a far wider donor base.
Does PETA get the bulk of its money from rich celebrities sympathetic to their cause? Merchandising? Or maybe it just doesn’t have that much money at all, and what little it does have, it spends on advertising?

That’s pathetic.


Most of the time PETA’s antics make me want to go out and hurt animals just to spite them.

I have to admit, though, that was a good hit the President landed. Very Daniel-san.
note to self: Do not play Bloody Knuckles with Obama, Will lose.

Won’t someone think of the vermin!

Wonder what PETA thinks of predators in the wild killing other animals, or eating the prey while they’re still half-alive? What about a spider paralysing it’s prey and feeding on it? Killing is killing ain’t it?

Well, that’s the rub, isn’t it? Applying human ethics to animals, who have no human ethics of their own, is puzzling. They’re really the People for the Ethical Treatment of Unethical Animals. :smack:

Of course, so are human beings:

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, super-herpes, HPV, HIV, pubic lice, hepatitis, &c. &c.

Shall we eliminate these pests too?

I always wonder, what does PETA think of carnivorous animals?

What is PETA’s stance on pest control in general?
Ants, roaches, bees inside the home let them live?
Dog gets fleas so be it?
Head lice? Bed bugs? Mosquitos?

PETA doesn’t want your respect, they just want to get you talking about them. And it worked.

Yes, because houseflies are just like people. :rolleyes:

Gotta admit though… their advertising rocks.

8 out of 10 dentists surveyed think “I’d rather go naked…” beats “Got milk?”

Only the ones which annoy me.

Well, see, animals are animals, they are supposed to act that way. People are supposed to be above all that. :rolleyes:

People who have dogs and cats are the modern day slave owners!

Oh, no. PETA’s sympathy to animals goes right down to single celled organizms, or right on down to viruses.

Childhood immunizations are a huge extemination program run by the government with the express purpose of killing trillions of helpless little… er, lifelike beings whose only crime is causing the deaths of millions of humans.

That’s the bit that really makes me go :confused:. I mean, if your were to ask my cat if she’d rather be warm and fat and pampered in my room, or scrounging outside in some rainy alleyway and infested with fleas, I think I know what she’d choose. So why does PETA prefer her to be in the alleyway?

But E. coli have children too! And they’re more closely related to them than we are to our children.

Actually, I think dogs and cats are the modern slave owners - the slaves being the people who “own” the dogs and cats.

I’m curious how my fellow PETA haters feel about the Hohenwaldelephant sanctuary, where they go to die, to the Riddle elephant sanctuary where they go to be studied, seen, and live out their lives.

Hohenwald has lots of money, presumably from PETA types and Riddle’s doesn’t. :slight_smile: