Sometimes I overreact (PETA rant...Long)

Here’s the deal…I’ve had a personal problem with PETA for a long time. They have covered my car in bumper stickers, tried to lock me and my co-workers into our lab by sealing up a door, let the air out of my tires, protested in front of my labs, yelled and harassed me as I go to work. And that doesnt even scratch the surface of some of the more radical things they do for publicity stunts. And after walking past a certain store everyday on the way to current job, I finally decided to write a letter. I’d really just like to know why this particular company is selling PETA merchandise. I mean the tshirt in the window is next to a Bart Simpson tshirt. I left the name of the very large music/dvd retailer/communications company out. I’m paranoid. So I pit this corporate giant for supporting who I believe to be complete maniacs. YMMV.

To Whom It May Concern:
Each morning on my way to work, I pass by the San Francisco XXXXX store at the corner of XXXX and XXXX streets. Occasionally I peruse the window displays of music, DVDs, and t-shirts. Today, however, I was startled to see a mannequin prominently displayed wearing a t-shirt advertising the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I think it is fantastic that a company as well endowed as XXXX is aiding non-profit organizations. However, I feel that sponsoring this particular organization especially in a retail store that caters largely to adolescents and teenagers, is manipulative, irresponsible and pretentious.

The XXX store is typically packed with children, teenagers, and young adults, many of whom are just beginning to form their own opinions and values in preparation for become politically aware adults. I feel that pushing the agenda of a radical organization such as PETA on the impressionable is a dangerous statement to make. While most of your target demographic will know PETA as vocal opponents of fur in fashion, corruption in the slaughter industry, and domestic animal abuse and neglect, they may not know that PETA just as staunchly opposes no-kill animal shelters and animal testing in medical research. Additionally, PETA has repeatedly and unapologetically aided the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who encourages and carries out acts of violence and destruction on medical buildings and farming equipment.

I am frustrated as both a research biologist and a dog owner. I, like many others, adopted my dog at a humane no-kill animal shelter. Perhaps your customers do not know that PETA co-founder and President Ingrid Newkirk has personally confessed to euthanizing thousands of animals, many of them young and adoptable.

What is most troubling, however, is XXXX’s apparent support of an organization that strives to impede all medical research that uses laboratory animals. Before purchasing a t-shirt, would a customer be aware that some of the most important medical breakthroughs were possible only because of animal models. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have penicillin, injectable insulin, organ transplant techniques, the electrocardiogram, pacemakers, vaccines and treatment for polio, diphtheria, typhus, small pox, chicken pox, tetanus, yellow fever, bubonic plague, rubella, measles, mumps, typhoid, cholera, meningitis, pertussis and hepatitis A. That is only a small fraction of the benefits. If anyone in my family were to get sick, I would feel better knowing that my money had not gone to an organization that wants to stand in the way of the advancement of medicine.

I must congratulate XXXXX XXXX, the charitable arm of your organization on all the fine work you continue to do in diverse areas. I must point out however, that your fantastic support of the Bhubezi Community Health Centre in South Africa is completely contradictory to selling the t-shirts of an organization whose leader has been quoted saying “If animal testing could find a cure for AIDS, I’d still be against it”.

Supporting PETA’s agenda now is especially dangerous as the public is constantly exposed to the Michael Vick dog-fighting media scandal. It is manipulative for PETA to gain financial support because of this tragedy as it overshadows some of their more controversial beliefs. A XXXX customer that purchases a PETA t-shirt at this store may be outraged by dog-fighting but may not remember how PETA insensitively compared eating meat to “the Holocaust on your plate”, or how they repeatedly have compared their movement to the civil rights movement of African-Americans.

Clearly this a sensitive issue with many facets, and I continue to be grateful to XXXX for all of their charitable works. I only hope that it will rethink aligning itself with such a zealous group after knowing more of the facts. If XXXX wants to continue to support a non-profit organization concerned with the welfare of animals, may I suggest the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Thank you very much for your attention to this issue. I look forward to a response.

Wow, in response to years of harassment, you finally break and write a polite letter. You’re a regular Incredible Hulk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why hide who they are?

Because some wackjob might know who wrote the letter and put two and two together?

I know that ship may have sailed long ago, really, but we are dealing with terrorists here, at least in the case of the ALF.

Du-u-u-ude! It’s a t-shirt.

Good on you for speaking up, however, I suspect that the merchant in question has absolutely no interest in the political aspects of its merchandise and will be far more moved by the fact that they will net $432.13 on the product over the course of a year, (maybe more, considering it is San Francisco), than that its presence in their line of merchandise offends you.

(You might want to ask if they will display and sell a shirt next to the one they have out, proclaiming
I am a member of P.E.T.A.
People Eating Tasty Anumals

We’re in the Pit right? [LOOKS AROUND}

Fuck Peta, and ALF. Their mission is marred by controversy and always will be. I work for a large environmental firn that helps companies make themselves more green and helps companies keep conservation on the forefront of their mind. Though we do not go into the animal relams very often, we do work with several nationally renown Naturalists and Biologists. They continually gripe about PETA and their track record of filth.

Im my mind their reputation will never change. Fuck them.

I think that’s a great letter, and although Tomndebb is probably right that they won’t care, I’m glad you wrote it!

Great letter!

It’s nice to see someone speaking his/her mind in a polite and clear way. Way to voice your opinion in a productive way.

I know they probably won’t care. I just think that if it bothers me then it probably bothers other people who have problems with PETA. I just hope to add to a possible volume of complaints. I really wrote it for me I guess. I mean the liberal San Francisco hipsters just do not give me a break. At partys I avoid telling people what I do. Someone a few weeks ago asked me what it was like to have so much blood on my hands. I know I’m not “the incredible hulk” but it makes me feel better to just put down on paper my side of it in a logical way. The PETA people think they always trump me with “you kill animals, I don’t” Its nice to vent when you are frustrated

Well, as someone who works in a hospital and sees people cured of infection and sent back hale and hearty, pacemakers ticking, back to their families, thank you for what you do.

My sister is an animal rights activist, but nowhere near this rabid. I’m sorry you have to be persecuted for doing something we all benefit from.

In all seriousness, my hat’s off to you for remaining polite and logical through this. I’m afraid I would have done something that would have left me sitting in a prison cell, albeit with a big smile on my face.

I have a bit of a problem with this attitude. Wrong is wrong, whether it’s just a t-shirt, or just a message board, or just somebody telling a homophobic joke at work.

Good letter, lobster. There’s no way to know if you’ll get any response or not, but at least you did what you thought was the right thing.

Isn’t the PETA leader also an insulin-dependent diabetic?

I’m pretty sure you were just whooshed.

Can you cite this? I know two PETA employees were caught euthanizing animals they had obtained from shelters under dubious pretenses. I don’t defend that, although it’s unclear to me how much of that incident was individual intitative and how much was PETA policy.

But I haven’t heard that Newkirk was guilty of similar actions, that the totals ran into “thousands,” or that she’d “confessed.” I’d like to know more.


Are you actively hunting down and remonstrating with every person and organization who expresses an immoral viewpoint or promotes unethical behavior?

I did not criticize the letter; note that I actually said “Good on you” about its creation. I was just throwing in a bit of perspective. And I can certainly understand the perspective of being under siege all the time for holding a job or a philosophy that is widely misunderstood and reviled among a lot of people one might encounter, socially, (rather like being a devout member of an organized religion on the SDMB :stuck_out_tongue: ). That was just that my gut reaction on seeing such a polite and informed–and serious–letter in the Pit.

I don’t know but I do know that she is a fucking psychopath. I just looked at her wikipedia page and that picture of her with the chicken made me laugh REALLY hard.

The only good thing about PETA is when they throw pies at Anna Wintour. There is literally nothing more hilarious than that size zero vampire getting pies thrown at her FACE

Do the celebrities that do the “i’d rather go naked” ads realize how stupid they look? PETA obviously has a good advertising team because you can always play on the vanity of celebrities “oh playboy would be too bad for my image but yeah I’ll get naked for PETA!! And I can say I did it to help save the cute little bunnies!”

Your beef with this store reminds me of an article I read in some rag mag a while ago. It was on a woman bemoaning the fact she was considered a terrorist by the government because she was arrested while participating in an ALF protest. I smirked at it because it was going on and on about how she was just out to save the animals and it’s just plain wrong to arrest her for protesting. It was a violation of her freedom of speech and all that. What they did not cover was the tactics that these groups use; and even if the woman was ignorant of the mandate and actions ALF takes, that is still no excuse. People should really research their charity groups before they make a contribution or participate in protests.

No I mean I usually don’t even follow what PETA is doing unless its something big and I read about it. This just jumped out at me because I litearally see it everyday. And it IS in this display with all this frivolous trendy Simpsons merchandise. It just seems like SUCH an inappropriate way for PETA to advertise. I mean the tshirt design, and the entire display was aimed at teenagers who I sincerely doubt have any idea what these people do.

And I haven’t been around as long as lot of you guys but I thought the pit was for talkinga bout things that upset us or piss us off. Do I have to go on a beliggerant rampage for it to be pit-worthy? Next time I’ll use more "mother fuckers’ and “god damnit” and maybe throw in a few “cocksuckers” here and there. Believe me I’ve done that too. Just not in letter form. I have verbal diarrhea and a short temper IRL. Its hard sometimes to not go fucking ballistic on say a cab driver that is “riding me around” but people get taken more seriously when they are calm and polite.

Yeah I mean the ALF is a different animal all together (no pun intended) I took a criminology class in college and I rolled my eyes when I found out they were classified as “eco-terrorists” But then I started reading about them blowing up millions of dollars worth of farm equippment crippling the families who depend on the farms for income. They don’t give a shit about that. I feel like defining what makes a “terrorist” is pretty subjective but to me, one of the things is simply not caring about the innocent that are hurt as a by-prouduct of your cause or movement.

You are taking my comments way too seriously, here.* My question about running out to protest all wrongs was directed at featherlou’s challenge to my smart-assed t-shirt comment. I was not criticizing your choices of protest (or even featherlou’s sense of responsibility).

You have a good point and a fine rant and I will withdraw before I inadvertantly offend anyone else with my lack of gravitas.

  • (Which bears its own burden of irony.)