Another Pin-Up Girl Gone: Chili Williams (1922-2003)

WWII pin-up girl and actress (Gas-House Kids Go West, Kill the Umpire, Having a Wonderful Crime) Chili Williams has shuffled off this mortal coil, on Oct. 17 at the age of 81.

is this who Chili Willy was named after?

I like the way the films you named make a little sentence.

Har! I hadn’t even realized that—I just picked the silliest of her dozen or so film titles!

The link is one of those sites that make you realize that, yes, everything really is on the Internet.

For extra credit, run through those pictures and guess how many of them Bob Hope slept with on his WWII USO tours.

And then bonus points for explaining why the pin-ups of the week extend through 2005.

A reminder of why Zsa Zsa Gabor first became well-known; and an adorable shot of Annie-Pie.

Babara Hale was a pin-up girl??!! I always thought she was just a paralegal with terrible gaydar. :slight_smile:

That radiant, confident smile, that polka dot outfit, the devotion to her shown by Life Magazine, her unthreatening sexiness - in a way, her breezy photogenic uncomplicated beauty shaped the way the rest of the world perceived the USA in the immediate post-war years.

Envied she was, by sad stodgy british girls handicapped by generations of poor dental care and a class system that crippled initiative, by awkward but energetic australian girls with home perms, and no access to beauty products, and by tense worldy-wise european girls for whom sexual invitation was all too speedily followed by consummation, disappointment and regret.

They all strived for, and never acheived that care-free joyous tossing of the head, that lustrous mass of hair bouncing back into place, the breasts full and up-ward pointing, but without that weird conical cadillac-influenced look of the fifties, and that wide calming smile.

Thanks Eve