Chili Williams

Chili Williams, actress/model, was the subject of one of the most popular pinups during WWII. Her photo was rivaled only by the ones of Betty Grable looking over her shoulder, and of Rita Hayworth in a negligee and, apparently, in heat. Chili Williams was wearing a white two-piece swimsuit with black polka dots, and, IIRC, in some kind of seaside or lakeside setting. She was holding onto a post (?), leaning back and laughing, with her blonde hair fluttering in the breeze. What this photo had to recommend it above the others was that it wasn’t just a photo of a pretty woman; it was a photo of summertime and open air and freedom.

Friend is a commercial artist, and his strong point is drawing beautiful, voluptous women. He was telling me that his new client wanted him to include a setting in one of his drawings. I told him about Williams’ photo, and tried to track one down without success. I could find other photos of her on the net, but not this one. My mom told me she couldn’t find the commemorative issue of Life where I’d seen it for the first and only time. Friend got the drawing done anyway (incidentally, it was a seaside setting), but he still wants to see this photo, and I’d still like to show it to him.

Anybody? Anybody? Eve? (Sorry if I offended you.)


She certainly was quite a dish! Beautiful smile. (oh, god, I must be gay - what other man would recall her smile, hehehe?)

I remember pictures of her in Life magazine special look-back in time editions, but can offer nothing else, except a gentle elevation of the topic.


Thank you anyway!

Try these two sources (they sell, rather than just rent, photos):

Jerry Ohlingers Movie Material Store Inc
242 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-0869

Movie Star News
134 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
(212) 620-8161

Good luck!

Thank you, Eve!