Another Plant Question ;)

This plant made it’s way into my home and I have no idea??? Who knows what it is…I can look it up if I have a name to see how to care for it. Thanks a bunch…

It’s a hybrid Dracaena. Beyond that it’s impossible to know what it is from a photo.

That’s kinda bad news, because some dracaenas thrive in deserts with high light and little water, some are rainforest plants that require constant moisture and low light. And the hybrids can fall anywhere on that spectrum.

How did you come by this plant? Was there a knock at the door on a snowy night, and it was left on the doorstep in a basket? If it was given to you as a houseplant then it’s probably been bred for that purpose. If it’s a cutting from someone’s garden in Nevada then it’s probably a desert plant.

Best bet if you have no information is to place the plant in a well lit indoor location and water it once a fortnight and see what happens. They’re fairly tough plants generally, and they won’t die immediately. If the plant starts to look leggy then it will need more light, probably a couple of hours daylight or equivalent every week. If the new growth wilts, give it more water.

I’m almost completely certain that your plant is *Dracaena reflexa *‘Riki’

This blogger, who is an internet friend of mine, generally gives good advice on care, and interesting background information. D. reflexa ‘Riki’

Scroll down to the end of the post for care tips.

That thing looks too similar to a yukka. I’d probably burn it if left alone in a room with it.


It isn’t a YuCCa, but there is at one species, Yucca elephantipes, that makes a good houseplant.

Thanks everyone! My husband brought it home from the office about 3 months ago. It was planted with Ivy in a smaller pot. The room it’s in, there’s not alot of light…and I water when it’s really dry. Some of the leaves are splitting and some tips are brown. I’ll look up Dracaena and see what could be wrong with it. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks…I’ll check it out :slight_smile: