Another Possible UL?

I “heard” in the past year of a person who had died as a result of sleeping in a small enclosed room, and being overly flatulent. It has all the UL earmarks–and I’m under the impression that flatulence is for the most part a voluntary action the does normally occur during sleep. Anyone else heard of this?

Guess I better not fall asleep reading threads like these, where the guilty sphincters are not under my control.


Maybe if he had a hose connecting his anus and his mouth, and his nose was plugged?

If this were true, I’d be dead. My hubby emits gas like a swamp. He’s nice enough not to move for awhile afterward though – if he fluffed the covers, I’d have to kill him.

Auntie P - apparently your husband doesn’t know about the dreaded “dutch oven.”

Okay, I gotta ask. ???

Okay, I gotta ask. ???

Shall I compound my error by saying “oops”?

<font color=“green”>A “dutch oven” is farting under the covers, then fanning the covers to get the fart smell come to you.</font>

Dutch Oven: dreaded practice of passing gas in bed then pulling the sheets up and over the two of you. Legal grounds for divorce in 17 states.

As for the UL query, I think this one may actually be true. IIRC, the victim subsisted mainly on a diet of cabbage and beans and kept the windows of his apartment closed very tight–tight enough so that the air circulation was practically non-existent. After one rather productive flatulence session enough methane was expunged from this poor guy’s colon to kill him, and since his apartment was in effect “air tight”, it did.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I don’t know, it sounds an awful lot like the “suffocate in sealed room with electric fan” story:

And you don’t pull the sheets over your own head - you fart and quickly yank the blankies over your partner’s head!

Sounds like a UL to me. It seems to me that any condition that is going to produce so much “gas” to kill a person is probably going to kill the person anyway. After all, the amount of gas produced by a sleeping person cannot have any more mass than the entire contents of the person’s digestive and excretory systems when they went to bed, can they?

It’s not a UL, but a Darwin award nominee I heard about a year ago.

Lord knows I don’t plan on doing any research on this, but I would guess if you were in any enclosed place so small that the amount of flatulence you expelled was a significant threat, you would already be doomed because of oxygen deprivation.

The room would have to have a square footage not much greater than a bowel section.
Hmmm. I just don’t see it.

Well, maybe if there was a burning candle in the room…

How would you word this in an obituary?