Another Question about Hitler. The man who won't die

I just heard on the radio that Hitler had two nephews. One was in the German army and died in a Russian camp. The other was in the US NAVY.

First. How could Hitler who was an only child have nephews?
Two: How could an American ( or any Allied power) recruit a member of this guys family into their unit? ( Presuming he has the same last name as the Crazed Mustached One.

I’m thinking back ground checks ( although limited at that time due to Al Gore not inventing the internet yet) and a german speaking guy, would have put him on the " Don’t call us, we’ll call you" list.

Holy Crap! That’s got to be the biggest board fart ever! This thing reappeared after a full day. The techs are gonna hate me for directing their attention to this.

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