Another rant on the Gov't actions in the name of the war on terror

Sorry, I know this has been covered to death…but, did anyone watch 60 minutes last night? The feature on Hady Omar and the other 2 muslims has left me disgusted, and I need to share.

Oh, linky:
Highlights of the Hady Omar part:

-Videotaping of the body cavity search done in front of a group of FBI agents, men and women

-Denied a phone call to a lawyer

-kept in a cold cell with the lights on 24hrs for 2 weeks

-Transferred to a max. security facility with no notification to his wife

-Kept in isolation for 73 days before being released on bond, and eventually charged with overstaying his tourist visa, even though he was married to a US citizen, had a work permit, and had applied for permanent residency.

He is suing. Frankly, I hope he gets vindicated. :mad:

This is the kind of action that our moronic Attorney General cites as proof that we’re winning the war on terrorism. Just look at all the dangerous law-breakers we’ve apprehended!

“In Guantanamo Bay, not the USA,
a deluded young man sits and waits for the day,
of humiliating exposure to a camera and reporter,
not to mention a lawyer, some sleep,
and a letter from his daughter”

A poem written for David Hicks (not written by me), an Australian citizen interned in Guantanamo

Don’t worry, Eolbo, I’m sure december will be by shortly with a limerick that explains why such excessive abuse by the United States government is entirely justified in its War On Terrah. :rolleyes:

Well the successful War on Drugs showed that these extreme measures are clearly justified BECAUSE THEY WORK. :rolleyes:

I won’t wait for december. I can justify these actions.

cracking knuckles ow

This is the Land of the Free. We have all sorts of rights of freedom, unlike those godless Muslims and other Commies. We value those freedoms. Why do those godless Allah worshippers hate us? According to our esteemed President, because they hate our freedoms.

They hate that we have a right to not be arrested without a charge. They hate that we are innocent until proven guilty. They hate that we have right to council. That is what makes them evil.

Thank the Christian God that we have people like Asscraft to preserve those freedoms for us. At any cost.

What the hell does Hedley Lamar have to do with the war on terror?

Did Osama steal his froggy?

We’ve misunderstood all this time, due to Dubya’s Texas shitkicker accent. He’s not trying to fight terrorists, he’s fighting tourists.

he war on tourists is going smashingly well though don’t you think? Less and less of them about these days, which is good thing by crikey. For too long have we ineffectually wrung our hands, now is the time to come down hard and stop molly-coddling these fat-bottomed souvenir-snaffling beasts from the pit! How I hate them, with their shiny cameras and inane questions. Can I drive to Vienna from here? No dickhead you cant, go to AUSTRIA not AUSTRALIA! Tourists only hate us because we live here and they only visit. You are either with us or against us in this holy crusade, stamp out international tourism today!

That first sentence above begins with an invisible T of course. Damn this edit-less board, I do believe its a front for international tourists.

Is that the International Tourists Front or the Tourists International Front? :stuck_out_tongue: