Another reason to be disappointed in TFG

It’s just fun to avoid saying the name that he likes to plaster on everything. He’s not Voldemort, but I’m pretty sure he gets a boner every time someone says his name.

And I love that your post telling us to just use his name goes on to avoid actually saying his name. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Consider it an exercise in how to handle distasteful things without creating stupidy thread titles that someone has to read several posts into to find out it’s completely uninteresting. You’re welcome.

Stupidy? Had to look that one up - spell check doesn’t like it here in the Dope reply box.


Personally, I never say his name and do not type it unless absolutely necessary. I will break the rule when he dies and I do handsprings across my yard shouting at the top of my lungs that the fuckstick is really most sincerely dead.

I prefer “unindicted co-conspirator Donald John Trump” just like any other criminal.

Yes it does.

Yes We Can.

Certified Financial Swindler Guy

… with a broken commode…

If the fucker ever does die, there will be a lot of unmoored acolytes who will need someone else to hitch their wagon to. He’ll quickly be forgotten, because what the hell is he? He offered no solutions or any kind of political theory. His charisma, such as it is, will die with him. Someday…

It’ll be like turning over a rock and watching dozens of slimy bugs scatter in the sunlight.