Another reason to be disappointed in TFG

Didn’t he say something about fixing our plumbing problems after it took 10 flushes to flush down his enormous turds?

What is TFG?

The former guy perhaps? I recall him not liking the shower at the White House because of the low flow plumbing, his enormous baby body required pressure nozzles like a cattle wash. Was unaware that he had crapper issues as well, but I’m not surprised.


I used to have flushing issues. But then I got a bidet. Maybe TFG should invest in one.

I’ve got a bidet attachment, and it has nothing to do with flushes, other than no big wads of poop paper.

I have a biden. Does that count?

But those big wads of poop paper is what clogs up the pluming. In my experience anyway.

My bidet does things I really don’t want my Biden to do.

What is this? I knew TFG, but I’m stumped.

Cheeto-faced shit gibbon.

oh yeah. A classic. :slight_smile:

Let’s go, Bidet!

JFC, he’s not Voldemort or anything. If you’re referring to a specific person then use their fucking name. On a related note, you’re not an actual sorceror so using some convoluted insult twisting of a person’s name does not act like a voodoo doll to harm them. Grow up, this isn’t third grade. We get it, you hate some guy but beating a dead horse endlessly just results in you being responsible for a thousand pounds of beaten up dead horse in your yard stinking up the place.

Uh uh, you are. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Still better than cfsg.

Any self mobile pile of shit is preferable to a non-mobile pile of shit that would require a front loader to move and might explode into stank chunks. QED.

Very eloquently stated.

But I’m still gonna need something better to get me off of America-hating fuckstick.

Can’t we all just stick with “Individual-1” (pronounced “Individual minus one”) ?

I personally am comfortable with a wide range of insults for the ex-President, may he rot in jail.