Another request for a better thread title change policy

In post #9 of this thread, our esteemed moderator Czarcasm notes that the title has been fixed. But because there is no info as to what the change was, part of post #2, which commented on the misspelling, has become puzzling.

I have a couple of times requested that when a title change is made, the previous title appear in the post that announces the change. I have been told that this is a good idea. It’s obviously not much effort (one quick cut and paste). But it rarely happens.

Because it appears to offer advantages with no drawbacks, I’m renewing my request that this become SDMB policy:

Good point. I’ll try to do it that way in the future.


Could it be recommended to - or, dare I suggest it, expected of - all mods?

Just for reference, and since I remember it, the original title of that thread was

I don’t think we need an absolute standard format for the announcements, but I agree that it’s good to explain it. I usually say something like this:

Thread title changed from “Hoovers wax my Chihuahua” to “Posting under the influence.”