Are these new thread category titles permanent?

Or not?

you may want to check the date. =^.^=

personally I find April Fools Day to be stupid. But I’m an cranky cynic.

They have been that way for three weeks now and it was clearly stated in the beginning that they are the new permanent titles up front. There was a lot of debate going back and forth over it for almost a year. I am surprised you missed it,

Moved from Got Cite? to 13 Conversations About One Thing.


As a moderator shouldn’t you know?


Can we please, please, *please *keep them? I’m begging like a squirrel, here [cite].

… and the no delay between searches, can we keep that too?

Personally, I’m keener on keeping the poster titles. :smiley:

It would have been funnier if every nonpaying member had the word ‘BANNED’ substituted for ‘Guest’ in their user title field.

WooHoo! This place always needed a Gas Chromatography forum (GC).
Now it has one!
I can hardly wait to answer questions about the proper way to resilanize crapped out capillaries.

Can we keep the titles and descriptions? I think that the one for what used to be Great Debates is a hell of a lot more accurate than Great Debates.


New forum titles are funny, but I must protest the Snuggly Kitten forum. That one shoulda been Snuggly Puppy instead, in memory of well, that thing that happened.

Can we please keep “Pissy Little Feuds?” Please please please please please?

God. It’s just typical of a Straight Dope moderator not to know a damn thing about the Straight Dope Message Board!


We could try [taking hostages] maybe.

Fear not, Little Cat. Help is on the way!

The new forum titles are AWESOME and should stay like this forevermore.

Or from him

Wait…I might lose my moderator title also?

And just when I was about to knock some sense into some of the Dopes around here…