I know the new forum titles are an April Fool's joke but...

I kind of like 'em. Anyone else?

Love 'em!

Moved to ‘13 Conversations About One Thing’ [and it’s probably more than 13] from CoSR.

Yup, love em to bits

They’re already bits – it’s the Internet, stoopid!

Ah, byte me.

I especially like the If I Wanted Your Opinion I’d Give it to You!

Could that one stay?

Boooooo! Why was Pissy Little Feuds changed to Teapot Tempests? Did the first title cut too close to the bone for some of that forum’s regulars?

Are the forum titles changing or am I misremembering?

It’s always been like this. Where have you been?

Yah. Tempest Teapots (GD) was Pissy Little Feuds.

And GQ was Got Cite? But changed to the longer name it is now (don’t remember offhand, but I know it has the word “bullshit” in it, heh)

More! More! These are awesome!!! :smiley:

Now I know who to trust…

Jackbooted tuba thugs… humph.


Banned band name!

totally awesome

These new thread titles are just a further example of how incivility fostered by liberalness and liberal policies is destroying everything was great about the SDMB.

Which is why I like 'em.

Next year can we have a custom title for a day?

I agree. And we have always been at war with Eastasia, too. It’s doubleplusgood!

I like Pissy Little Feuds better. And I want to keep all of them. But I understand how that would turn newbies off.

Well, dang!

I admit that I haven’t been paying attention recently (I was surprised to see that my last login was the end of January), but I looked for ATMB to see what I’d missed.

I forgot the date… and I may be disappointed to know that the Snuggly Kitten Forum isn’t real, after all.

Or not…