The SDMB Should Keep the April Fools Forum Titles

I love the temporary sub forum titles and the descriptions are hilarious. I demand they be kept. What say you?

April fooling occurs once every year. So should the titles.

Don’t give the gig away or we will have to ban you.

Well, I’m definitely a fool. I came in here and read the titles and thought “What’s going on?” and then “I like it!” and only after seeing this post did I realize what day it is. So yeah, I like 'em.

This. Remember, every day we get new members who’ve never been here before. Part of what keeps this place tolerable compared to all other message boards is the sanity and quality of the members. I don’t think a forum like “Moah pix of teh kittehs” would contribute to that.

Besides, just think of the fun we’ll have next year in the last week of March thinking up plausible new titles & descriptions. Maybe we could have a poll or a contest or …

Yup. It’s funny because its different.


No. If only for the stupid kittens!

But as others have said, it’s funny because it’s different.

I know it would be too much trouble, but it would be neat if it changed every couple of months, just for the hell of it, randomly.

I think it’s better to have them just for one day, but it looks like the majority has spoken!

Except that there’s been some Chicago-style ballot-box stuffing going on. Without that, Nixon wins over the kittehs.

Actually, we had no control over this. We were hit by a random virus that made random alterations here and there. The tech staff are working overtime to get things fixed and be sure that there are no other effects of this virus, but they don’t think they’ll have things cleared up until tomorrow.

I demand a recount.

Hmm… curiouser and curiouser…

Wow! I’m up to 96 trillion 400 billion Yes votes! What power I wield! Pie. I demand pie!

I am just in love with my title. That is all.

I am concerned that the entire population of both the United Federation of Planets and of the Old Republic seems to have voted in this poll.

Actually, I did a little investigating and found out that most of the votes originated from a cemetery in the south side of Chicago.

You can’t expect those residents to behave. Everyone knows that’s the baddest part of town.

I don’t trust people with punny names. Never has. It’s in the RhymerFaq.