Nice touch, Mods

“More Cat Pictures”, eh?

Or should we thank IT?

April Fools Day!!! I was wondering what???

Ha! I forgot to check the date. I messaged the mods thinking the board had been hacked. :smack:

I think I prefer the forum descriptions - they’re at least a bit more accurate. :wink:


Tickled me, too.

The mods posted in ATMB that they are making these the permanent forum descriptions when you do a mouseover on the regular names. I think that is a cool idea.

I saw what you did!

It sure made my morning!

The one for GD is especially good.

That was awesome! I loved it!

I say we keep the new names.


Very well done.

Well done guys! I admit that I did a triple take looking at the board before it sunk in.

It’s awesome! So dead on!

At first I thought… “Oh cool they added more forums… waaaaaiiit a minute.”

Great April fools joke.

Nice! :slight_smile:

“13 Conversations About One Thing” is cracking my shit up.

Funniest gag I’ve seen yet today! Well done!

When I came in this morning and saw Pissy Little Feuds, my first thought was that it was a new forum. Then I read the rest–the descriptions seem so much more accurate now.

So, where the kitteh pics at?