It is officially April 2nd at the SDMB

Thanks for playing.

For those who missed it:

Sadly, all the fun user titles are now gone.

Hey, I should have been able to make that post. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

–BigT: former Timekeeper.

Thanks for making it happen.

Did I have a custom title? I didn’t even check for that. I doubt it. Anyway, kudos all around. It was a spectacular April 1st all around.

It was great. Good to see the staff getting pats on the back rather than the usual bitching.

Since you started one of the 13 conversations, you were Moderator for a day.

You took advantage of your powers, I hope. Did you unban your friends? Warn your enemies?

And because you were the first to figure out the pattern, you became Administrator.

Wait what? Does that mean that I was a Moderator for day too? I guess that accounts for my suicidal mood of yesterday.

Initially, the first few people to notice the April Fool’s changes and start a thread in ATMB about it were made Moderators. Cicero came in and figured out the theme, so he was made Administrator. From there, it spawned into pretty much everyone responding to any of the threads about the April Fool’s changes being given a title related to their post in some way.

Examples, from memory:

Click on the usernames to see the related post and understand the joke.

NOLA Cajun
Ah likes mah kittehs and puppehs in a sammich


making quilts for snuggly kittehs since 1973

MeanOldLady vs. Titler

Will blackmail for custom title

Lute Skywatcher
Jedi Masker

T for To


Holy Warlord

Electric Warrior

sudo make me a sandwich

I feel so used

newbie member

ivan astikov


Martini Enfield
has a broken clock

T for Timekeeper

doesn’t know whom to blow

Really, I’m not


Paying Guest


[Heffalump and Roo](Heffalump and Roo)
Roo the Day

Sister Vigilante
Brothers in Arms

Because the first 3 were taken

Tastes of Chocolate
Bitter Chocolate

What Exit?
Next Exit!

Cat Whisperer
m e o w

And here are some more from Marley’s post:

Qadgop the Mercotan will forever in my mind’s eye have serious wolf ass. Amen.

It was great fun while it lasted. My thanks to all those involved. I’m especially grateful because, while lots of people got custom titles, I seem to be the only person who also got my own forum (The Snuggly Kitten Forum).

But now I’m seriously bummed because, while everyone lost their special titles, I also, you know, (sob, choke) ah… (gasp)…

Well, I still can’t talk about it.

Think of all the un-wrangled kittehs!!

(Where did I leave that rum bottle?)

You forgot me!

I got:

Smelly New Title (I think)

This was the post

Noooooooooooooo!! Argh! I didn’t actually have powers, did I? I would have ruled with an iron first :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah. Yes, yours was “smelly good status”

Right! That was it. Better than I recalled!

The forum titles were hilarious! Much fun.

Shoot! I had a temporary title, but didn’t think to do a screen cap.