When did the forums change?

GQ? Where’s that? I guess this is the new GQ, by default. GD? etc.? When did this all happen? I think I’ve been around here at least once every week, sometimes more. WTF>?


All these threads are April Fool’s jokes right? Like, are people really that oblivious? Are these people really taking it seriously that the forum names are going to stay this way?

I’ll assume that it’s a joke, but given how often the Reader has been changing lately - does anyone here actually live in Chicago? - I wasn’t surprised to “discover” that this board was undergoing some changes, too. The descriptions didn’t do anything except put a truthful cynicism on what’s already present in those forums. Oh, boy Oh, boy, what a funny joke.

Got calender?

It happened months ago. Weren’t you paying attention?

I’ll just go ahead and moov this thread over to “13 Conversations About One Thing” along with the other 12 conversations about April Fools Day forum title changes.

If Atayala Capital’s idea of fixing the Reader’s finances consisted of making us change our forum titles, I think we’d all be in trouble.

That IS humor to some idiots, yes. Around her we call those idiots ‘the staff.’ :wink:

To look at what’s left of the Reader, I think you ARE in trouble.

Dammit, that’s supposed to be secret!

Lighten up, FranCCis.

Wow. Even I’m not so cynical as to get upset about this. It may not make me laugh, but I’m all for adding a little fun to this place every now and again.