Another School Closing Because of Threats of Violence. How Many More?

Do you suppose a student there found a copy of the Los Angeles threat and did a little editing?

I wonder how many more of these we will see?

Surprised that any schools are open. Don’t most close for the holidays by now? The university where I work finished final exams over a week ago and we’re closed until after the 1st. They save considerable money by closing and turning down the heat in the buildings. We get a few holiday days and use a few vacation days to fill the off time.

Calling in threats will probably be a routine thing in the up coming year. Idiots hear about it happening in one location and want to imitate.

They seem to have done a good job of tracking down the maker of the LA/NY threats. We can hope that throwing someone in jail will deter others from going this route.

I’m puzzled why people are acting like this is something new. Bomb threats have happened as long as I can remember, usually from some doofus trying to avoid a test. My high school was evacuated several times during my senior year (1974). It got to be a joke after a while and they stopped sending us home and sent us to the football bleachers.

I’d really like to read the text in one of these “credible threats” sometime.

I seem to have missed seeing this story. Do you have a link?