Another show I thought was long since cancelled...still in production.

The Matthew Perry version of “The Odd Couple”
I watched it a few times back when it came out. It was mildly amusing, but didn’t strike me as something that was going to last. Now I’m seeing ads, apparently there are new episodes. Who knew?

I like it for Yvette Nicole Brown and Thomas Lennon. It’s basic sitcom fodder so far.

I agree it’s fairly bland, but I can’t take my eyes off Lennon.

It bottles my mind that “America’s Funniest Home Videos” is still on the air with new episodes

who the heck watches this dreck? especially when you can watch hella funny home videos on youtube now
fun fact: Alfonso Ribeiro is the new host

I thought he was dead

Where is Homeland?

I guess there’s no need to ever cancel a show that’s that cheap to produce.
It’s the modern equivalent of filling time with a cartoon.

The UK equivalent was mildly entertaining sometimes thanks to an irreverent voiceover by harry hill (and I think another comedian before that).
But that’s my recollection from many years ago…I doubt I could get any enjoyment if I tried to watch it now.

Missed edit window: I just checked and the UK equivalent is indeed still running, still with harry hill at the helm.

Apparently Grey’s Anatomy is still on.


Duck Dynasty? Cops? (or are these just re-run, endlessly?)

Season 6 starts in the fall, and is set almost entirely in NYC.

It was my impression that The Odd Couple was always supposed to be a spring/summer series.

The current trend of erratic scheduling makes more and more of these shows possible. Cable and streaming and DVRs means that you can release a show whenever and however you want and it will still get ratings and attention.

Just his career.

My family and I watch every episode. The videos are often mildly amusing and I’m not going to have to censor for language or content.

Plus, I don’t need to look for videos. They’re all right there.

You should send a video of your mind being bottled to AFV. You could win money.

Gray’s Anatomy, a show that I knew was popular, but I thought was cancelled 4-5 years ago. However, I did just learn it was still on the air when someone at work mentioned it the other day.

Tim Allen’s “new” show, Last Man Standing. Every time I see a promo for it I’m surprised.

“Grimm” is definitely still on. There’s a thread running and we watch it every week at my house.

I am mildly surprised that “Sleepy Hollow” is still on, but we watch that too.

I saw the first show and didn’t think it would last one season , I was surprise to see this called #1 new comedy show and back on the air.

I didn’t know it even existed until earlier this week.