Another song ID question

Yes I did try google, so did my husband, to no avail… sorry if there’s some other obvious avenue I also should have tried first.

I heard it on an alternative station. There was an intro first, where a woman said “This is a song about the morning dew, and why it never falls for us.”

Then she began singing the song. A woman was talking to her mother, and saying a baby was crying, and the mother replied “You’ll never hear that baby cry again.”

At that point I had to turn the song off because it was upsetting a young child in the car. Any ideas?

“Morning Dew” by Bonnie Dobson (with a cover by the Grateful Dead)?

Here are the lyrics…

That’s it all right! Wow, that was fast. Thank you so much! This had been driving me crazy for months.

Now to find a copy of it, the rest of the lyrics are as cool as I thought they might be.

It’s not that we won’t keep on helping each other, but it’s good to point that performing a search in Yahoo! or Google, typing a phrase of the lyrics that you recall, followed by the word “lyrics”, it’ll give you (almost always) some links for the song you want.

I’ve been frequently amazed of what those databases can do!