Another student loan question...

I know a bunch of things have been posted about student loans, but I can’t find the one answer I am looking for.

Is it true you can’t refinance student loans more than once?
My hubby’s loans have been consolidated once. Are we screwed now?!

For those who haven’t refinanced yet, look at this article, sounds very good :

Sorry I don’t know how the shrink that the one pretty little word!

Thanks in advance.

Oh my God, even tho I did re-red myself…
The last sentence should be :
Sorry I don’t know how to shrink that to one pretty little word!

What? what? no answers… Oh no, come on guys!

Sorry, I don’t know, but why don’t you just call the lender and ask? I was just talking to a student loan advisor at school and he didn’t mention it.

P.S. You might be interested in this thread on formatting links.

Thanks Chula.
Hubby called the Federal loan and we can’t refinance again… Althought the rate is lower than I thought so it isn’t so bad. The other loan is at a higher rate, it might be worse taking out a “regular” loan to pay it off, with the crazy low rates lately.