Did they change the rules for student loan consolidation or something?

My wife and I consolidated our student loans about 3-4 years ago, with a private company. It seems over the past two weeks we are now getting 1-2 calls a day, and about that many mail pieces telling us about reconsolidating. We tell them no, we already consolidated, we can’t do it again (we’d consider it as our current rate, with all the deductions now applied, is 5.25%. Though the rate isn’t terrible, and so I’m not losing much sleep over it, especially with the interest deduction).

One company assures us that they changed the rules, and even though we already consolidated from the government to a private company, and even though we did not go back to school and gotten any new loans, we can definitely “refinance” the loans.

I have their website, and am considering it, if it’s possible (better interest rate, cash back bonus for starting up a new loan, in addition to the regular perks, direct debit reduction, ontime payment reduction, etc). My main question is, I can’t find anything from the Dept. of Education that says you can reconsolidate if you already have once. It was stressed to me many times in the past that once you take your federal loans and consolidate them privately, that’s it.

Has anything changed? I thought I heard something a few months ago about them considering it, but I haven’t turned up anything.

I don’t know much about student loans but I don’t see how it could be possible to limit you to consolidate once. I believe once you consolidate your federal loans privately you now owe money to the private company, correct? Now you can just pay it off however you wish, with another private loan from another company if you wish. Am I missing something?

That would make sense to me, but maybe it’s a bit different for student loans, since privately consolidated student loans still have some federal loan benefits, like interest deduction on federal taxes.