Another SUV Poll. Accidents and you.

Wow, I love the debate on SUV’s over in GD and it got me thinking. Some of the anti-SUV camp complain that SUV’s make driving in general more dangerous. Big car smash small car.

There seems to be a pretty clear line between the two camps. Pro-SUV and Anti-SUV.

So here is the question/poll - Are you pro or anti and how many accidents have you been involved in as a driver or passenger and regardless of ‘fault’. And how may years have you been driving.

I’m wondering if a couple of accidents makes a person a bit more … umm… intimidated ? Please don’t take this personally. I am curious if it leans either way.

I’ll start.


No accidents.

26 years.

2 Accidents
13 years

Moderately anti (meaning: an SUV with good gas mileage doesn’t bother me)

Errr… involved in three accidents, one as a passenger. The ones where I was driving: one was me sliding into a van at 3 km/h on a very icy road, the other was me (completely at fault, even though the other driver DID drive like an ass) slamming into a car at a traffic light at 50 km/h. In my non-SUV. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I had one very minor accident with my motorcycle. So, four accidents?

Have been driving for 10 years, and riding for less than one.

Another moderate anti.

1 accident (not my fault - I just thought I’d get that in before you saw how long I’d been driving)

6 months

I’m not really intimidated by SUVs (or as we call them, 4 Wheel Drives). I just hate not being able to see around them, and how bright their lights are at night.

Moderately anti.
No accidents.
Driving 25 years.

I really don’t mind SUVs all that much, other than the drivers often seem far too preoccupied with applying lipstick, watching videos, making phone calls and sending faxes when they’re in them.

What does bug me though is the bumper placement on the really oversized ones, especially the larger pick-ups. Why do they need to come head-high to the occupants of a car? Why do they completely ignore all of my car’s bumpers and steel mass and instead put their enormous bumper at my car’s windows? Are they trying to protect themselves from my head? Has there been a recent onslaught of recreational vehicles under attack from people’s wayward craniums? Are construction workers, farmers and ranchers being innocently slaughtered by airborne noggins?

Maybe we’re just isolated from this senseless terror in my little hamlet but as of yet no impact-seeking heads have yet been reported here, although I certainly weep for those exposed to this new nightmare.

Somewhat anti, people who buy them instead of cars to look “cool” kinda bug me, though I don’t begrudge people who honestly intend to use the unique SUV features.

14 years
2 real accidents

One was a very low speed SUV (Explorer) vs my Civic, he backed into me, since his bumper was way higher than mine, he:[ul]
[li]scraped the top of my bumper, damaging it[/li][li]smashed my headlight assembly[/li][li]crumpled the front portion of my right fender[/li][li]crumpled the right front corner of my hood[/li][/ul] going about 5mph, he managed to damage 4 different panels on my car, all of which required replacement. If it had been a car, we would have kissed bumpers, and maybe there would have been no damage at all, though some bumper damage would have been likely. The strongest part of his car, the bumper, was matched up against some of the weakest parts of my car, glass and some sheet metal, not good.

I can very much understand that if I get in a higher speed accident with an SUV, my car will be a total wreck, and I am in more danger.

I’m not really intimidated by them, but I find myself having to brake hard more often behind an SUV since I can’t see what’s going on past them.

Pro with reservations (I cannot understand why someone would by a Cadillac or Lincoln “SUV”)

No accidents

16 Years

  1. Strongly Pro-SUV (I’m pro-whatever you want to drive, actually)
  2. No accidents with me at the wheel
  3. A solid decade

Moderately Anti.
8 years driving.
1 accident.

In my accident, I was stopped on the freeway at the end of a line of cars waiting for a train to pass. A guy came around the bend in the road at ~70mph and was shoulder checking to change lanes so he didn’t see the stopped cars until he was right behind me.

So his Escort rear-ended my Firefly (in a clash of the titans) with the result that both cars were pretty much destroyed; his whole front end was basically gone and my car was nicely sandwiched between him and the half-ton truck in front of me. It seems to me that if he’d been in an SUV I’d be dead, and if I’d been in one he’d be dead, but I obviously don’t know for sure in either case.

But people can drive whatever they want, it was my (or my wallet’s) choice to drive a little compact car, etc.

I have no problem with SUV’s. Been driving 16 years. Two accidents.

First accident: Single car rollover caused by road conditions and crummy tires.

Second accident: Got rear-ended by a Chevy Blazer in my Grand Am. My car won. The Blazer’s front end (grill, bumper, and radiator) were mashed in quite impressively. No noticeable damage was done to my car.

I hate SUVs.

I’ve been in 3 accidents. In my first 18 months of driving I was deliberately hit by an off-duty cop (I still don’t understand what he was thinking) and I spun out-of-control during a blizzard and got hit by an 18-wheeler.

In January an SUV backed up into me after deciding that she didn’t really want to turn left after all.

I’ve been driving cars for 13 years, been on two-wheels for 13 months.

I kinda agree. I’m pro SUV too, but really, a Cadillac SUV? O.Kaaay… Whatever floats your boat.

Leaning towards anti.
10 years driving.
Discounting bumper-bumping, one major accident, the kind that ends with helicopters taking passengers to major trauma centers, that involved an SUV versus our Dodge Neon.

Looks to be about 50/50 at this point with the pro-anti thing. And accidents are really pretty low. I have always been amazed that there aren’t more accidents considering … just considering. Lots can go wrong.

Sorry about your Dodge Neon Ino.

Three accidents.
Sixteen years.

Though I disagree with the OP’s distinction of “pro-SUV” and “anti-SUV” people. I think it’s more like “SUV owner” and “everyone else”… :wink:


3 accidents, 1 as driver (minor).
Driving for 8 years.

Mostly I hate not being able to see around them, and most drivers don’t need them for space or features, they just like to feel big and powerful. Sure they’re safer…for you. Never mind the rest of us getting hurt in what should be minor accidents, that’s ok. No, no need to check that lane before you come in, we’ll get over. We have to, because you’re bigger, right?
Love those headlights illuminating the whole interior of my car! Could you get a little closer, please? I’m not quite blind, yet.

Gotta disagree with you there - several of us who have nothing against SUV’s don’t even own them (myself included). I also have no problem driving among SUV’s and trucks on the highway, but then maybe learning to drive in Texas just makes them seem run-of-the-mill.

Besides, this is supposed to be a poll, not a debate. As other threads have demonstrated, when this becomes a debate it’ll just go round and round and degenerate into pure boring and repetitive dogma from both sides.

1 fender bender
Driving 18 years

I am anti-SUV based on the visibility they take away from me. I’ve been driving long enough to know that I need every foot of visibility I can get to reduce the bad situations I get into, and increase my reaction time to get out of them. (No, I don’t tailgate either.) I am somewhat disturbed by the hazard they present with their bumpers at my head level in my Sundance.

I think I’m more disturbed by the feeling of omnipotence that SUV drivers seem to think they have, especially in the lousy weather conditions we have here every winter - I can’t do the speed limit in my Sundance on ice and snow, and NEITHER CAN YOU!!! Tailgating me will not make me go faster - I CAN’T go faster! I can drive by and point and laugh at you in the ditch with your four-wheel drive, though.


No accidents. 9 years. (Good God, I’m getting old.)

I second everything featherlou just said.

There are people that need and use them though. How do you differentiate? How can you?

Need to feel big and powerful? I don’t think so but there goes the whole debate thing again.

I reallly just wanted to say that I love your sig.