Another "Thai Girl Done Me Wrong" Tale of Woe

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared one of these, but this guy is truly exceptional: Queen of Lies and Deception.

After all these years, I still cannot figure out how so many otherwise seemingly normal men can check their common sense at the airport on arrival and then not only proceed to screw themselves up in the most royal fashion, but also write about it for all the world to see what a fool they are.

Stickman’s comments at the end are very accurate, except that I can’t say I’ve noticed this trend to be especially prevalent among Canadians myself.

I must be missing something. What’s exceptional about this case and this guy?

I read to the end waiting for some kind of punchline, but in the end the story was just about some poor sap who was strung along by some manipulative lying woman. It’s not like she even got any significang amount of money out of him.

What he said, except replace “poor sap” with “manipulative lying man”. I can’t say I have much sympathy for a guy cheating on his girlfriend, let alone one stupid enough to forward an email he’s sending to one of his girlfriends to anyone, let alone his other girlfriend.

Yup, I couldn’t feel any sympathy for him. Seemed like the only surprise was that it took that long for him to realize that she was seeing other men and that one had been paying for her apartment.

I suspect the only exceptional thing is his ability to paint himself so fully as the noble (cheating) hero.

Correct. That’s it. His intricate detail inadvertently pointing out what a shlub he’s been is amazing.

I’m going to piggyback on my own thread to point out the latest offering from The Onion Store: The “My Friend Went to Thailand and All I Got Was This Lousy Kidnapped Prostitute” T-shirt. :smiley:

Seems to be a real offering.

Okay, I can get behind that. :slight_smile:

One thing that was pretty funny was his nitpickiness about describing all of her deceptions. “She said that she was going to Bangkok for a week but she was really only there for 6 days!” Uh…okay.

Reading that story made me feel smart.

Just wanted to say “thank you” for bringing this “Stickman” website to light. I’ve been perusing the site, and it is fascinating. Great pics in the galleries, and the reader’s submissions are intriguiging. One can live the whole sex tourist/farang-falling-for-bargirl life vicariously through these essays. Very entertaining.

You’re welcome. I happen to be acquainted with Stickman in real life, too. He’s a super nice guy. A Kiwi. Was an English teacher for years, and not one a dodgy one either, but rather at a fairly prestigious school, but has given that up to pursue business interests. He’s very good at getting right back to people who e-mail him with queries.

In his weekly column, we’ve won many meals from his Where Is This Photo contest, so many that I try not to enter too often, to give others a chance. :smiley:

Today, in my national Dutch paper, they featured an article on lonely Dutch women over 50 who went to vacation in Egypt and had romantic relationships with Egyptian men in their twenties. The women usually lost a lot of money, and the men usually were addicted to drugs. It’s the counterpart of the Thai situation.

A bad, bad situation. Here’s the article in English.

I’ve also heard of that in some West African countries.

The Indonesian island of Bali, too, now that I think of it.

ha ha, you can’t make this stuff up, folks! Why someone would want to list out his total dumbassery is beyond me. He forgot to mention how much money he spent on this hooker.

Do a search for “sanky panky” for the Dominican version of the same. This is not uncommon in “tropical” tourists spots.

Anyone remember Shirley Valentine?

I could only read down to where he took another girl back to Canada and kept her around while he claimed to be in love with “N.” Then he says he was used. Sigh.

Hey, right now I am totally, *totally *playing this Thai prostitute!!!

First of all, I told her I didn’t care if she was a prostitute. Joke’s on her - I really did!!

Then I put her up in this apartment that was nowhere near what I could really afford, but told her she’d have to make do with four bedrooms, two baths, and a maid. HA!! Chump! And when she asked if she could have some of her friends over to “work” (she did the little “air quotes” thing with her “fingers”) I told her only if I got some of the “profits”!! She insisted people like me only got 5% of the take from places like this, but I totally steamrolled her and negotiated 7%. Yeah, that’s right, *seven *whole percent!! And when she told me she usually takes in about $150 a night, oh no she meant a month by mistake 'cause her English is bad, well then 7% of $150 is… ah… heck, you do the math.

AND we negotiated a sweet deal where I only have to take her to dinner twice a week and in return she lets me touch her thigh. Under the dress!! But over the stocking. She said under the stocking would be another dinner a week. Sucker!! I would’ve done two!!

So now that I totally had her roped in I dropped the bombshell – told her I loved her! HA!! I only really really really really really liked her!! She told me how sweet I was (I know!) and how special that made her feel (it should!) and since I obviously cared about her continued security and welfare (those English lessons I paid for were sure paying off!!) then she knew someone who could provide protection for her and her friends when I wasn’t there. Which, because she was shy and didn’t want me to see her “work” (I never found out exactly what she did, but I think it was something in the arts, because artists are weird like that), was most of the time. So I started paying “Snake” (yeah, I know, weirdo artist friend or something) to do security. He was a ninja or something because I never actually saw him around.

So I led her on like this for a couple of months, then went for my reward. Gotta get a little sumpin sumpin for Mini-Jimmy, eh!! So she asks me how long I have left on my tourist visa and I tell her the truth – three weeks. Well she is a sex MONSTER because she told it me would take FOUR weeks for her to do everything to me she wanted to!! Woo hoo!! But she didn’t want to start without being able to finish (tell me about it!!), so I’m going to spend the next three weeks doing all the tourist stuff in Thailand (temples and stuff), then jet on back to the states, take a week to recover and get back on schedule, then she’s coming over to the U.S.!!! And I know she really will because I already gave her the money for the ticket!!

I am. Da man.

So, who is clicking on the Ads by Google? “Girls and Women from Thailand searching for love.”

Been there, done that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well now, here’s a heart-warming story. An old geezer – older than me even! :eek: – steals 2 million pounds from an old lady in England. Then his Thai bride of half his age takes it and gambles all of it away in Bangkok. Story here. At least he got what was coming to him.

(There are no legal casinos anywhere in Thailand, but underground gambling dens are common, especially in Bangkok.)