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Okay, this is something that has been bothering me for some time. I need the Straight Dope. But it is some fucked-up repugnant shit, so I’m giving you one last chance to turn around and am hiding it in a “spoiler.” Really. Turn back now before it’s too late.

[spoiler]So I’m in the bookstore and see a row of works by the infamous De Sade and flip through one, having no idea what I’m getting into. I figured S&M, deflowering virgins, etc., right? Eighteenth century, so I was expecting something bawdy. What I found instead caused me to immediately shut the book and get away from there before someone I knew saw me reading it.

Shit-eating! Gobbling a pile of steaming faeces from a plate – and loving it.


And I’m thinking, “What the hell did I just read?” But then I wrote it off as just De Sade’s (successful) attempt to shock me.

The years go by, and now we have the internet. I type “shit eating” in a search engine. Go ahead and try it. I dare you. What you get back are sites that are designed like any other high quality porn site – except with people rolling around in poop! Beautiful girls with faeces on their faces!

Is this for real? Please, please, please tell me it isn’t so.

We’re all aware that people find enjoyment by vicariously sharing in experiences that they would hate if it were first hand. Hence the popularity of slasher movies and the more gruesome war movies. Taken to the extreme, we even get things like Faces of Death and purported “snuff” films. And on the bright side, it looks like there never has really been a snuff film. Hurray! I really am glad to hear that. Quite relieved and feeling a little better about my fellow man.

Is shit-eating like that? That there are people who derive some kind of satisfaction or thrill from the contemplation of the disgusting (and isn’t there at least some of that in all of us? What made you click on this thread?) and that extreme-disgusting images have been staged to profit from these tastes, that I can accept. But that people actually engage in this behavior, for real, and relish it, is another thing. Another thing entirely.

Say it isn’t so.[/spoiler]

Holy Crap, that’s disgusting! (pun intended)

The thought of that makes me want to vomit, however, I know a girl who SWEARS that when she was a stripper, there was a guy who would pay them hundreds of dollars for their fresh (had to be fresh and warm) poop! He would have them meet him at a hotel room and for a couple hundred dollars the girls would poop on a plate - now, get this…they would have to WATCH HIM EAT IT!!!

So, anyway,…I would guess that it does exist.

Some people have some rather strange (and very disgusting) fetishes!

Oh, my god.

That he specifically wanted the strippers to watch, that’s interesting.

I will read any other posts along these lines, so feel free to share, but the only other question i would have then is: are there women who do this, too? or is it just men?

Al lI got to say is that this is the first thread that I wish I didn’t actually open. Just reading started giving me heaves.

Honestly, as gross as it is, I’m amazed that the worldly Doper community is surprised at the existence of this fetish. I’ve come across (no pun intended) pictures of this nature by accident while searching for …erm… other stuff.


Let say again, that I am most curious if it is real. I understand there are such pictures and that people like to look at them, but do people actually do it?

For instance, there is also a sub-genre of bloody-gore erotica, but as far as I know it’s all fake.

TGWATY it is real. I had a boyfriend who at one time was into it. Never with me though, thank all the gods in the heavens. He liked it as long as he was the top. One of his previous boyfriends was the scat bottom. It seems fairly common in the DC area which is reason enough for me to move. I suppose it is more prevalent in the larger metropoliton areas.


This about ties with necrophilia in my book.

Still wondering about chicks.

Also, I’d be curious if the participants do it because

(1) it is thrilling because it is disgusting, or
(2) They do not find it disgusting.

Probably the former, but it could be the latter. After all, there are plenty of lesser acts that some people find disgusting, while others do not. The ones who engage in it are not doing it simply because it is a disgusting thing to do. Swallowing semen would be one example.

It doesn’t involve actual “eating,”, but I’m told that the “Cleveland Steamer” is relatively popular.

Yes it exists, it is called coprophilia

(thats a link to btw, it’s safe)

I can’t beleive I know that.

In my defense, I thought it was coprophagy origionally, but still

“Coprophagy” is indeed a word, but it simply refers to the act of shit-eating without any fetish involved. (For example, dung beetles are coprophagous.)

What would it actually taste like?

And wouldn’t a coprophiliac be likely to get a very serious stomach bug from all the bacteria?

And… their breath afterwards?

…french kissing a corprophiliac??

…borrowing their toothbrush?


In Germany this fetish is usually referred to as “caviar,” and while I would hardly call it mainstream, it’s definitely more common than you would think (at least in the world of porno). There’s a hardcore sex club for gay men here in Berlin which advertises special parties with names like “Sewage System” and “Yellow Facts” (use your imagination).

I consider myself pretty open minded but I’ve never, ever been able to understand the appeal of human-toilet stuff. As much as it repels me, I’d be very curious to hear from someone who can explain why they like it.

Do you think that the people who engage in these practices are normal? Normal as in, psychologically healthy, have a wife/husband and kids, have a maintream-type successful job, don’t do massive amounts of drugs. Basically, I am asking if these people are the people we chat with in the store, at work, at the laundry mat or maybe even the people we admire for their kindness, courage, confidence, ect… or are they all obviously generally dimented and into many other extreme, perverted hobbies?

I guess dorkus could shed some light on my question. I just find it hard to believe the average person could become intrigued with these practices and get into them.


W/R/T the normal question, if you think of it as a fetish, there’s no reason to suspect this particular sexual practice would necessarily affect other parts of person’s life. By way of a different example, it’s possible to be into, say, latex, but still live a perfectly “normal” life.

That said, the DSM-IV does have a classification for fetishism as pathology. However, it’s criteria for sexual dysfunction is notoriously grey and should by no means be considered dogma. (Remember, this text used to treat homosexuality as a disorder.)

I need to point out one fact in this thread that has a false corollary. While it’s true that there don’t appear to be any real snuff flicks, there are fake ones that are produced to appeal to the same audience that real ones would appeal to. There is also a vast body of mainstream “knife-kill” flicks (like Brian dePalma’s entire oeuvre) that probably serve the same purpose for some.

Most important, there’s the sick folks who actually get their jollies by humiliating, raping, torturing, and/or killing women (or other sex partners). The jails are full of 'em.

Yeah, and some of those ‘sick people’ who get off on fantasies involveing violence are cute blonde 22 year old college students who live extraordinarily normal lives- like me. Theres a few people on this board that get sexually excited about some pretty heavy stuff, and surprisingly they are not all creepy looking guys that live in basements. There is a huge difference between fanatasy and practice, and simulated violence keeps this in mind.

That said, I personally don’t ‘get’ scat, but it’s really pretty common. Many sexual practices are based ultimately on dominance and submissivness, and that can manifest itself in many forms, like scat. Additionally, poop is a pretty primal thing. If you buy Freud, he claims that controlling poop is one of our first stages of sexual development. Potty training has a huge psychological effect on people at the most impressionable age. It’s not at all surprising that this all would show up sexually in some people.

The DMSV-IV only catagorizes a fetishes as a disorder when

In other words, if it’s not bothering you, don’t worry about it.

Thanks a lot, noddygrrl. I was just starting to get over the unease I’ve always had about my German heritage, and you send me back to square one. :smiley:

I heard that glass coffee tables were invented in victorian times so that a man could lie under the table, whilst a woman would squat on the table and curl one out over his face. Possibly apocryphal.:eek: