Another weird forum problem.

Occasionally, when I open a link from a post in a new tab (on Firefox, on a PC) instead of opening that link, it opens a window to a blank page with the URL for the link as the title of the page and the SD thread URL in the URL bar. Clicking on “view source” for the new page shows that the link URL as the title is the only content of the HTML page (I copy/paste the URL title from that into the search bar to actually read the link.)

This happens unreproducably and only on the Straight Dope. Anyone else have this problem?

It’s due to malware. Specifically, malware called Viglink, which the Powers that Be still haven’t uninstalled from this board, despite repeated examples of it being malware.

If that’s the case, adaware and/or opting out of viglink ( should take care of it.

However, since the OP said it happens only on SD it’s either not viglink or it is viglink, but due to a bad implementation of it.

Interesting that “Vig” is short for "Vigorish".

And since we’re updating this thread, it should also be noted that the Powers that Be have just disabled it. And there was much rejoicing [sub]yay[/sub].