Another “What are these things?” thread.

Posting for a Facebook friend. She found them in her house and has no idea what they are.

Wood screws and rubber make me think that they held something in place, maybe a cable but the long tube confuses me.

Those are for a washing machine. Specifically for transporting a front-loader. Those are screwed through the back to, I believe, keep the drum from moving while it’s being transported. The little hooked bit on the center one helps hold the cord.

There’s instructions and pics here:

That’s definitely it. Thanks Lancia.

Front-load washing machines have a heavy lump of concrete attached to the back of the drum to act as a counter to unbalanced contents and give it stability when spinning. Left unsecured, the drum can thrash around in transit causing damage.

How the hell did you know that?

9 minutes.:eek: Very nice.:wink:

Here is a short video explaining the use and removal.

Since the first one was answered so quick, what is this thing installed on my water heater? I think it’s an anti scald device but I can’t tell if it’s at all adjustable it how it’s supposed to work exactly. It has what appear to be adjusting screws but touching them just makes the thing leak.

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Well… maybe it does. That would be my guess although I’d have to see where those individual pipes are coming from / going to. If it’s mixing cold water into the hot supply then I’m sure you’re right. Otherwise… no clue.

Presumably the same way I did (though I was beaten to it and wasn’t able to show off my washing machine expertise). By having bought and unpacked a washing machine. :slight_smile: