Another 'what was that movie?'

A male professor in liberal arts(?) falls for a female student. [I recall a white actor of some prominence, upper middle age and, attractive dark girl.] They become acquainted and perhaps exchange some affections.

He sees her being quite affectionate with a young dark man. He got worried and broke with her. The young man turned out to be her brother.

A couple more on-again-off-agains. The last one he is going to meet her family and loses confidence again and doesn’t show.

My wife correctly points out it was a young woman, not a ‘‘girl’’ and a Mediterranean or Larina completion, not ‘‘dark’’.

Today the student would probably be’‘vulnerable’’ because the older man was her professor. In the movie the professor was vulnerable because of his lack of self confidence, perhaps due to age.

Ah, there’s nothing more attractive than a girl with a Larina completion. :wink:

I found a movie called Oleanna with Bill Macy, who fits the description of the professor, but I didn’t see anything else in the synopsis that sounds like what you described. I closed my IMDB tab and forgot to save the link but you can look it up yourself.

Many browsers will let you pull up the page again if you press Ctrl-Shift-T.

I don’t think it’s Oleanna–in that film/play, the professor is accused of sexual impropriety but his feelings are more anger/resentment than romantic…also there are only two characters, so no young male.