Another - What was the name of this book ?

It was bad science, but a fun read.

Evil scientists create a tiny tiny black hole on a mountain top. They lose control of it and it starts oscillating back and forth through the earth. Punching holes and slowly eating up the earth.

I think the opening scene was that it punched a perfect dime size hole through a Russian aircraft carrier.

Damn, it sounds familiar. Any other details? Era written?

Does The Doomsday Effect ring any bells?

There are mini black holes in Hogan’s “Thrice Upon a Time” but those happened by accident.

There are a few mini black holes in Brin’s “Earth” but this doesn’t seem to fit what you’re talking about either.

Another possible fit is Bill DeSmedt’s “Singularity”.

Vaguely similar to Benford’s The Artifact. Two trapped singularities known as ancient relics bore through the earth to combine.

Mid 80’s I think.

Looked at your link. Don’t remember an earthquake in the book, but that one does look interesting.

Sounds interesting too. That’s not it, but I have gotten some interesting suggestions.

Definitely not the Benford book. It sounds a bit like Baxter’s Moonseed - the nasty bit gets loose on a hill in Scotland, but there are no real bad guys around, and it isn’t a black hole.

Is it listed here?

Reminds me of the plot of Douglas Preston’s Impact, but many of the details are wrong.

Don’t see it.

Yeah, that was a pretty good one.

The Krone Experiment?

That does sound promising - from your cite "The Cold War totters toward a hot war after something punches a hole in a Soviet aircraft carrier and the Soviets blame the Americans. After similar incidents around the world, though, a more chilling explanation emerges. A black hole created in a scientific laboratory has plunged through Earth. "

Wait… the author’s name is Thomas T. Thomas?

(“Wren” is a pseudonym)

That’s GOT to be it. Thanks.