name this book

So I recall somone telling me about a book in which aliens come to earth taking the form of the common appearance of Lucifer. After the initial shock by the people the aliens turn out to be benevolent (for the first part of the book) and show them cold fusion and the like. It goes on and stuff happens (it was spoiled for me, I dont want to for anyone else)
Anywho, does any doper out there know the title of this book? Im dying to read it.


For some reason, Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke comes to mind when I read your OP, although I don’t think cold fusion was ever mentioned in that book.

Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke

Are you joking about cold fusion or did some confused person include it in their description of the book to you? Childhood’s End was written long before the time that cold fusion was (mistakenly) announced.

I dont recall if it was in their discription or not. If I had known it was a Clarke book, I woulve realized that was wrong. Anyway thanks, I do believe that title is what im looking for, thanks alot guys!!