Another Worthless Celebrity Anti-Vaxer

Kristin Cavallari is the latest celebrity anti-vax mom

Incapable of reasoned research into vacine safety. Just another fucking way to get her ego stuffed into the headlines.

I don’t see it happening but these ----ers should face civil lawsuits for their “endorsements” of treatment (or non-treatment). Screw her, Wakefield, McCarthy, and that moronic bitch Oprah for sponsoring this garbage.

FOX & Friends should change their name to FOX & Fiends.

I should shudder to think that it will take a couple of deaths of celebrity children to make a difference, but I know better. They’ll be blamed on other people, or if, heaven forfend, they blame themselves, it will be for entirely the wrong reasons. “Oh, I should never have allowed little Tavendish to play with those other children! It’s all my fault I wasn’t as much of a helicopter parent as I should have been!”

It will, unfortunately, take an outright epidemic among celebrity children to change this.

No, you have shit for brains.

Are there any pro-vax celebrities?

Yeah, all the rest. People who aren’t stupid typically don’t feel the need to call attention to their lack of stupidity.

OTTOMH, Salma Hayek, Bill Gates, and Amanda Peet are pretty outspoken about vaccination. So’s Barry Obama. I think there are a fair number of paid spokespeople for various pro-vax organizations.

What we need is for the pro-vax PSAs to be more agressive, and call out the anti-vaxers by name, publicly shaming them for their stupidity and for the dangerous disinformation they spew.

Didn’t Bill Gates write a scathing piece that was directed at Jenny McCarthy? I can’t remember if it actually called her out by name though.

Penn & Teller aired a scathing piece in which they named that lunatic for her stupidity.

Which pro-vax organizations pay? Name some names!

(“Barry” Obama?)

Code for " I hate that uppity black man who’s illegally occupying the White House."

Kristin who?

If she’s a Fox on-air personality, can we now “look forward to” a wave of conservatives who refuse vaccinations? Or will the liberal crossover of this belief keep them from doing it?

AFAIK, “Barry” isn’t code for anything other than the nickname the president used for most of his life.

Autism/ pollution link?

Jenny McCarthy getting her ass kicked on Twitter. She asked what people looked for in a mate. People had a lot of fun explaining to her that someone who doesn’t think measles is a good thing was on the top of that list.

THAT is fucking hilarious. Thanks for sharing it!

She’s not. Did you bother reading the article before commenting? She was a guest on a morning show.

I particularly liked:

I’m looking for a woman who can watch an infant die from measles and say, “Well, at least he’s not autistic.” #jennyasks #vaccinate