Another year, another dollar . . .

Actually, I’m not completely blue over my birthday, just a bit shocked that time has started to fly by so much faster. This is my last year in my 20s and then . . . the big 3 0. Wow. When I was (much) younger, I used to think that this was an old age. But I don’t feel old at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of an age before 70 that really seems old. But, to teenagers I’m old. To kids, I’m old. Even to kids in their early 20s, I’m a bit oldish. Sigh. I think I don’t mind the thought of getting older, I mind the world’s perspective on getting older. Ugh. Let me stop before I wax philosophical, and end with “Happy Birthday to me.” Cheers!

Congrats, Heloise! And really, you don’t look a day over 27!

:smiley: Why, thank you!

Happy B-day Heloise.

I know how you feel - I just hit the big 3 0 last month - seems like I just turned 21, where the hell did the time go? To make it worse, I catch myself saying “Kid’s these days…” :: shudder :: :smiley:

Heloise, I’ll be 30 in September, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Know what does bother me, though? My daughter’s birthdays. She is twelve today.

12? How can she be 12 already? I’m not old enough for her to be 12!!!

Happy Birthday Heloise! Dont feel so bad, I’m going to be out of my 20’s in two very short months. :eek:

But I hear life just gets better so again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Have a great day! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Heloise!

Don’t sweat the big 3-0. I went through it a few years ago and I don’t feel any different. Nosiree. Never felt younger!I was just saying to…um…my brother…what’s his name again? starts with a C…or is it a T…Damn, the memory is the first thing to go…



KimKatt my birthday is September 11th, what day is yours on?

I know you didn’t ask me. But mine, too, is September 11.

Won’t be 30 though. I’ll never be that old!

Not talking like that you won’t.

Nothing wrong with being 30.

Or being almost 31.


Congratulation but no sympathy from someone who is already one and a half times “the big three-oh”. I’m also rolling the odometer one more time this September (28th, not the 11th).

I would like to mention, for no reason, that for me age 30 was the start of the great metabolism shift. I didn’t change the way I ate, I didn’t change my activity level but my weight started to creep up. I’m still waiting for the great metabolism downshift, but I’m no longer optimistic.


Happy Birthday!

It just goes faster and faster. College doesn’t seem like all that long ago, but here I am with 50 just a few years away. I feel that old age doesn’t start until about 75.

Happy B-day!

And don’t worry about being 30! If you don’t like it, it only lasts a year anyway …

Happy Birthday, Heloise!

As to being almost 30, you’ve got a year to prepare for that.

Go out and buy a drink! Hopefully, you’ll get carded.

And if you don’t there’s always that drink to console you.

Sage advice from an ancient, shiftless 34 year old.

And just think, as young as you are, you can do all the things that “real” grownups can do, even though you know better!

Happy Birthday, Heloise!


HB, H!

Happy Birthday. Just remeber that it’s better to be over the hill than under it.

Especially if you’re Sisyphus.

Happy Birthday Heloise. Don’t worry about 30 creeping up. It’s a breeze. 31 was harder for me. I think I looked at 30 as I’m just barely out of my 20s. I hit 31 and I realized “I’m a grownup!!!”

Happy Birthday Heloise

From an “old” boy (I’m only 10 years older) but young at heart. The big 40 is coming soon.