Another year, another dollar . . .

Congrats Heloise!!

I am in my early 20’s and I don’t think of 30 as old. I think you are as old as you act or think you are. My grandma is 90, has two boyfriends, goes to the movies, on cruises every year, drives well and basically kicks ass. So 30, old? Only if you make it that way.

This is how I explained it to my wife: Women become old at 30 but men become old at 40. Therefore, she has been old for five years and I’ll be old in three years.

I don’t make up the rules. I just try to follow them :wink:

…and how is your back doing sleeping on the couch?

Thanks, you guys! You made me feel much better. And, I did something for my birthday that I haven’t done in a loonng time. I drank 'til I hurled. <Groan> Not on purpose, mind you, but it did remind me somewhat of my early 20s.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! I’ve decided to hold on to this birthday for a few years, though. (j/k)

Everyone knows that women don’t hit thier sexual peak until they are in thier 30’s. I turn 32 this September (24th) and I’m still waiting!