Another year older

Today is my 66th birthday and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. If anyone has any suggestions as to a suitable career path, I would appreciate hearing them. All suggestions will be carefully considered.

Lessee, have you worked your way through the usual boy list:
Dang, that’s starting to look like roll call for the Village People!!

Happy B-day! My only job advice is stay out of politics - it ain’t worth the aggravation!

You, too?
I’m 41 (and-a-half!), and I still haven’t decided, either. I’ve been in the same job for about 8 years, and have recently applied for a new job that’s pretty much a screeching 90-degree turn from what I’m doing now. I’ve made it past the application process and passed the first round of testing, and I’m waiting to hear about the next testing bit. Then an interview. Keep your fingers crossed! I really want this job!

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

No suggestions, but stopping in to wish you a good day, a good year and a great life! :slight_smile:

Rumor has it that the position of ‘Waistband Inspector #7’ for those fruity underwear folks is now available.
It may be a good way to fill in those remaining decades. :smiley:
And many more …

Hey, it’s my birthday too! Happy Birthday to LouisB, my DoperTwin! Well, not really, because I’m 15 years younger than you are, but still…
Have you thought about running away and joining the circus? :smiley:

Truck Driver. Then write a travelogue.


Sorry! Happy Birthday!

And I’m watching this thread because I have no clue what I’m going to do when I’m 66 and I need some ideas.

So you’re saying I might be looking at another 42 years of my current “what the hell am I going to do for the rest of my life” crisis? Damn. So I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about not having figured it out yet.

Happy birthday!

When I was a boy, we wouldn’t have known what an astronaut was.

Well, Happy Birthday and many more! Instead of joining the circus, I think I’ll try to get a job as a Bad Example.

I’m 65. Get several cases of beer, put one in the fridge. Prepare your favorite meal so it can be nuked at any time. Sit down with the computer and log on to the Straight Dope. Light up a cigar, pipe, or cigarette. Enjoy and interact.
Repeat if nesserary.

Have you considered coal mining?
You load 16 tons, and what do you get?
Another day older, and deeper in debt.

Over the course of a year that’d add up to 5,840 tons, and a whole pile of debt.