Another year gone by

I’m 76 years old today and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I thought I had found a career path: I thought about becoming an Ancient Astronaut Theorist until I remembered that every lie I ever told caught up with me and tore me a new one. I’m just not a convincing liar.

Maybe by next year I will have found something to work toward.

I know what you can be!

You can be older than me. You’re good at that!

Happy birthday, LouisB :slight_smile:

Thanks for the good idea; staying older than you will give me a reason to keep living.

Happy Birthday from a fellow Red Raider.

Happy Birthday Louis.

Happy Birthday Louis, glad you are still around.

Seventy six is a lot of trombones.

Happy day!

I’m a year older than you. Just follow me.

I didn’t know anyone was older than me—you lead, I’ll follow.

Thanks to all for the good wishes.

OK. When I was 76, I spent three weeks in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, then sailed across the Black Sea from Ukraine to Georgia on the 3-day truck ferry.

Happy Birthday Louis!

May heaven’s finest blessings shower down upon you!

You have a great personality, so can you dance? Cruise ship gentleman dance host.

Have a great year!

Happy Birthday, LouisB! When you figure out what you want to be when you grow up, please share. Me, I plan to never grow up. But I might rethink that.

FYI, this day in history, 1953: Jonas Salk announced he had found the polio vaccine.

I am closing in on 73 and I have the same questions.
My mind comes up with ideas which my body shoots down in seconds.

You follow ole 88 & I’ll follow you.

I still remember standing there & taking the sugar cube. Funny the things I remember from back when I was about 10.

Happy Birthday! If it helps I’m 47 and I still don’t know either. Guess I’ll keep trundling along until I find out.

From In which 5-year period were you born? you can see that there are some others in the same (or similar) boat as you, LouisB:

1926-1930 – Daylate
1936-1940 – Diver, Hari Seldon, jtur88, LouisB, MrsTime, Timetrvlr
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1946-1950 – Alex from CB, Atomic Mama, bahimes, bb49, Becky2844, Chefguy, Clothahump, DummyGladHands, FatBaldGuy,
– Floater, Hook, jasg, Mona Lott, OffByOne, OttoDaFe, Pai325, Rick Kitchen, Roderick Femm, SandyHook, Sangahyando,
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This listing has picked up a few new responses since this post.

Happy Birthday!! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great job—except I have to use a cane to walk; I haven’t tried dancing in several years but I doubt a cane would be a help. But thanks just the same.

I am completely stricken with awe or should I just say I am awestruck. You have set the bar too high for me; I can’t make the jump. But I wish I could.

You’re pretty good at Doping, and you’ve had a lot of practice. I suggest you just keep doing that.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, LouisB.