Another year older and grateful for small fafvors

Today, March 26, marks my 71st birthday. I never thought I’d live this long and I don’t know how I’ve managed it. Its been a lot of fun, though.

The only thing is, I still don’t know what I want to be when (if) I grow up.

Happy Birthday

71 and can’t spell “favor”?

Seriously, have a great time. Growing up is over rated anyway. I have been a teenager for 40 years.

Hell, I forgot it is my birthday in a few days. I won’t be 71 though.

I guess I forgot how to spell “favor.” I have no idea what a “fafvor” is but I’m grateful for them anyway. And I’ve been a teenager for a lot longer than forty years.

Have a very happy birthday, LouisB!

Hey, he’s 71. At that age he can spell it any damned way he wants :smiley:

Happy Birthday, LouisB!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Do you feel the same as when you were 25?

Happy Birthday Louis! Eat lots of cake and enjoy yourself.

Happy birthday, kid. And get off my lawn!

It’s hard to say. My heart says “Go for it” and my body says “Let’s think about this for a while.”

And then you decide to go have a nap? :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Bub! :slight_smile:

Naps are good; I just got up from one.

One of my sister’s rabid republican friends is taking me to a local American Legion for dinner tonight. He’s also a birther so I guess I’ll hear a lot of stuff I’d rather not hear. But what the hell, I’ll take a nap later.

Happy Birthday, darlin’!


May you have this one and many more good birthdays !


Thank you, my love.

Happy Birfthday, LouisB! :slight_smile: