anotherway imetay asterway oughtbray otay ouyay ybay irleyshay

Pig Latin

NOw you can liven up meetings, memo’s and bumper stickers with phinesse.

I’ve been thinking about making a bumper sticker that reads:

**ackbay ethay uckfay offway **

Isthay ookslay ikelay anotherway eatgray ayway otay allstay. Iway eallyray on’tday antway otay orkway onway ethay aperpay Iway avehay ueday inway ethay orningmay orway onway esearchray ightray ownay…

Iway ouldshay akemay away tay-irtshay ithway “opstay aringstay atmay ymay estchay” ittenwray onway itway, inway igpay atinlay. Ecausebay eoplepay owhay earway osethay indskay ofway irtsshay otay etgay eoplepay otay arestay areway EALLYRAY unnyfay, ofway oursecay.

:::irpchay, irpchay, irpchay …:::

It sure makes Shakespeare much sillier.

I need sleep

**irleyShay[b/] - idday ouyay etgay ethay ostcardpay?


Oodgay Ordlay, isthay apcray isway ardhay otay eadray!

I eesay! Ey’rethey Ineteentay-Entiestway ylestay eathday ayrays!

On’tday ithay emay!! Ouch-ay!

To be truly unreadable, take something in pig latin already and then send it through a couple of times.

Otaywayway ebaywayway, orwaywayway otnaywayway otaywayway
ebaywayway, atthaywayway
iswaywayway ethaywayway estionquaywayway:
Etherwhaywayway istaywayway oblernaywayway inwaywayway
ethaywayway indmaywayway
otaywayway uffersaywayway
Ethaywayway ingsslaywayway andwaywayway arrowswaywayway
outrageouswaywayway ortunefaywayway
Orwaywayway otaywayway aketaywayway armswaywayway
againstwaywayway awaywayway
easaywayway ofwaywayway oublestraywayway
Andwaywayway ayybayway opposingwaywayway endwaywayway
emthaywayway. Otaywayway
iedaywayway, otaywayway eepslaywayway—
Onaywayway oremaywayway; andwaywayway ayybayway awaywayway
eepslaywayway otaywayway
aysaywayway ewaywayway endwaywayway
Ethaywayway earthaywayway-achewaywayway andwaywayway ethaywayway
aturalnaywayway ocksshaywayway
Atthaywayway eshflaywayway iswaywayway eirhaywayway otaywayway;
awaywayway onsummationcaywayway
Evoutlydaywayway otaywayway ebaywayway ishedwaywayway.
Otaywayway iedaywayway,
otaywayway eepslaywayway;
Otaywayway eepslaywayway, erchancepaywayway otaywayway
ere’sthaywayway ethaywayway ubraywayway:
Orfaywayway inwaywayway atthaywayway eepslaywayway ofwaywayway
atwhaywayway eamsdraywayway aymaywayway omecaywayway,
Enwhaywayway ewaywayway avehaywayway uffledshaywayway
offwaywayway isthaywayway
ortalmaywayway oilcaywayway,
Ustmaywayway ivegaywayway uswaywayway ausepaywayway—
ere’sthaywayway ethaywayway
Atthaywayway akesmaywayway alamitycaywayway ofwaywayway
osaywayway onglaywayway

Shakespeare knew about ebay? Oway!

That Shakespeare was one hip dude.
Ralf, not yet.

1920sway ylestay eathday ayray.

[sub]Someone had to do it…[/sub]

Shirley - uh oh… someone in Kansas might be getting a postcard and wondering, “Whu…?”

oyay eednay ahay anslatortray otay itewray inhay igpay atinlay?

Ihay earnedlay otay eakspay andhay itewray igpay atinlay inhay uniorjay ighhay.

ywhay ishay erethay ahay whay usedhay oughthay? itshay upposedsay otay ebay ahay hhay.

Iway ikelay Omanray amhay.

Illstay onay ostcardpay? Amnday!